Grumpy Cat…who the hell knows what number

I haven’t put up a Grumpy Cat picture in 12 days.  In those 12 days I have not seen the sun here in Pittsburgh.  This makes me feel like this….



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  1. Here in Phoenix we haven’t seen any rain in about 5 months.

  2. Amy, I know how you feel. We have had rain for 18 days in a row here in northeast Ohio.Two days ago we had a tornado and a county wide power outage. But, my best friend lives in Idaho and they have wildfires out there so I keep trying to tell myself how lucky I am.

  3. Over here in the Central Valley of California we have 110 degree heat on a daily basis. No rain. No tornadoes. No wild fires. But really, really horrible air pollution. I think we are 2nd or 3rd in the nation for worst air quality.

    • Eww, why is the air so bad there?

      • It’s because we live in the valley so all the air pollution from nor and so cal (and even here in the valley) gets tapped when it moves up and down the state with the wind. Also, we have a lot of crops and dairies which means a lot of pesticides and cow poop. Good times! For a while I was semi-convinced Zack’s issues could have been partly environmental. And honestly, I’m not completely convinced it’s not. I THINK I want to move to Oregon some day. I don’t know if I am up for lots of rain and not a lot of sunshine, though. It certainly makes for a beautiful state! My brother in laws live there and it is pretty gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like you all need to move. A bit hot lately but sun shiney here in Socal. I guess that’s why its crazy expensive to live here and very crowded.

  5. This is a great doormat!

    Rain has been predicted every day here in Boston, but hasn’t been arriving, thank God! I guess it gets stuck in Pittsburg. SORRY!

  6. Well for heavens sake……..Put up a new pic! Maybe Grumpy Cat is your “Rain God” for your area of the world, LOL!

  7. Yes, DO come visit me. We actually live an hour north of Boston, in Gloucester, which is a seaport and a wonderful place to visit. Trips into Boston are easy because the commuter rail comes right here. How hard is it for you to get to Philly? There’s an Acela train from Philly to Boston, and we can pick you up in Boston. Very easy, and you won’t be sorry.

    • Philly’s actually a pretty good hike for me, it’s a 5 hour drive. I would need to take a plane. Actually, maybe not, I wonder if there are any trains from Pittsburgh to Boston.

      • it shows how my geography knowledge sucks … Or doesn’t exist at all. there must be Pittsburg to Boston flights; I flew to FLA and back by myself once, so you can do it. we can meet you in baggage claim at Logan. whenever. Brittany is welcome too. we have more than enough space and time here.

        • Wow, thank you, that’s really nice of you! You know what I’m thinking immediately is that this year I had to get out of Pittsburgh for my 2 year stroke anniversary so I’m thinking for my 3 year that would be a great trip to take, especially since you know EXACTLY where I’m coming from. That’s in March.

  8. No place like Pitt for grey winters that’s why I moved south.

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