The Lumbar Spine

I know a lot about the lumbar spine, the low back.  I think there’s no question I couldn’t answer about the spine, especially the lumbar spine.  There are 5 lumbar vertebrae.  When looked at from the side the lumbar spine is concave.  This is called lordosis.  If your low back doesn’t go in a little bit, you’ll probably have some low back pain.  Mine doesn’t.  My low back is what is called a “flat back” and has no curve to it.  HOWEVER, I’m obsessive about my posture so that keeps the back pain away.  Also, if your spine is really inflexible you’ll probably have pain.  A healthy spine is a flexible spine.  The way that I used to treat back pain seems really weird to most people, but it’s insanely effective.  I used to make all of my patients with low back pain read this book.  POSTURE!!!!  I just wanted to say posture.

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  1. Yep I know all about the lumbar spine. Mine has been replaced with rack and pinion steering up to T3. Great posture beforehand would not have made a difference in my case…darn helicopters. But I agree the best fix for back troubles is good posture.

  2. Since I have been reading your blog I have become very aware of my terrible posture and that I don’t think I know how to have good posture. It feels so unnatural. Is this normal?

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