Scapular Winging

This is so not a neuro thing, but I found myself doing it today in my neuro OT.  So you’ll want to pay attention to this.  The scapula is the shoulder-blade.  Do you ever feel like your shoulder-blade pops out a little too much?  I feel that way all the time.  That’s what PTs call scapular winging.  Press against a wall like the lady is doing in this picture and if your shoulder-blade sticks way out that’s scapular winging.  The muscle that controls this is called the serratus anterior.  So in order to stop your scapula from winging get this muscle strong by doing ceiling punches, push-up plus, and this thing.  And get your rotator cuff strong.  The reason my scapula winged out during OT is because I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing with hands I was paying no attention whatsoever to my backside.  When I kinda scanned my body I realized that my shoulder-blade was popped out so I guess I have a weak serratus anterior.

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  1. I don’t have trouble with my scapula but my rotator cuff is another story. It is constantly popping and separating. Winging is what they told me to do.

  2. Zack has a pretty gnarley case of this on, i think, his left shoulder. He has all kinds of weird, random things wrong. I guess that’s what happens when you lay in bed for two months things start going awry.

  3. You mean this isn’t a way for me to fly like Angel in X-Men

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