Last time I put up a Grumpy Cat picture I was grumpy about it not being sunny in Pittsburgh.  Well, the sun came.  Oh did it come.  Now it’s hot as H-E-double hockey sticks here and the humidity hits you like a brick wall when you walk outside.  And there was thunder today, but no rain!  What the?????  Make up your mind Pittsburgh weather!  Oh I forgot, when it comes to weather, Pittsburgh has multiple personality disorder.

This picture made me LOL and it suits me well.  🙂


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  1. Will chocolate help? And not the Exlax kind.

  2. Our weather here in AZ has just plain sucked the last month! Days as hot as 119 deg. Now the temp has lowered but the damn humidity is way up (for here). YUCK!

  3. Down south it’s a typical July with daily 100+ temps with 80-100% humidity. Your sweat doesn’t evaporate. It just sort of stays put or you look like a Popsicle in the sun. Late afternoon thunder boomers because of the heat that may or may not be accompanied by showers. When it rains, the steam off the road and even the grass raise the humidity even farther. You can’t get greater than 100% humidity but it sure feels like it. But I love it…in air conditioning.

  4. The best Grumpy Cat yet! NYC has been hot and humid for days now, but 96-97 is miserable for us which I guess makes us look like wimps next to you southerners with your 100+. Try chocolate ice cream.

  5. But with multiple personalities comes intellectual challenges, needed for staving off dementia. I’m hopelessly optimistic.
    B&Js Coffee Toffee is best.

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