Everyone wants 6-pack abs.  Having keg abs is much more common though, unfortunately.  Because of all of the breath work  that I do and focus on the diaphragm and getting it stronger – oh my God it’s a good workout for the abs.  The abdomen is in constant use.  It whittles away fat from your waistline.  As a physical therapist, I would have told you 3 years ago that you can’t spot reduce.  And I still think that’s true for all other areas of the body except for the waistline.  I’ve done it.  I’ve spot reduced in an area that almost everyone wants smaller.  Not you Vicki, I think you want your waist to get bigger right now.  🙂  You learn a hell of a lot when you get sick and you have no other choice.  As for sit-ups and crunches – protect the spine.  To do this, don’t do regular sit-ups, ever.  That’s really bad for your back.  You know that machine at the gym that’s for your abs where you sit and bend forward against resistance?  This.  DON’T DO THAT THING!!!!!  Do crunches and these stabilization exercisesThese exercises are weird and require a blood pressure cuff but I love them and used to use them all the time .  And do these things.  If you have an exercise ball, try these, some of this page is in a different language and it made me laugh.  Try to keep the back straight.

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  1. I’m in the “expanding waitline” group for now, since I’m pregnant. Come December, back to normal. Is the Roman chair a bad one or ok? I used to do that all the time and saw great results, but I don’t want to mess up my back.

    • That’s ok! I actually really like the Roman chair exercise. The reason that the other stuff is bad is because you don’t want to flex your spine(curl your back), especially against resistance. My friend’s due date is in December too! 🙂

  2. I’m with Elizabeth, but not pregnant. I’ve been watching my waistline expand for years now 🙂 I do sit ups in my gliding rocker. Everything is supported. This is a far cry from my 100 regular sit-up every day routine, but hey I’m a granny too.

    A six pack? I have two twenty-four packs with the extra padding.

  3. I having been doing Pilates for many years , and have been doing it since I was discharged from inpatient rehab. I’m not able to do a full mat yet or work on the reformer, but I don’t think anything is better for core strength and I highly recommend it. I’ve never been injured doing Pilates, and my teacher was able to modify it for me even when I couldn’t move my left side at all. Hail Mary Ragan ( Ragan Pilates in Long Island City, NY)!

  4. Be careful taking a class. Pilates has gotten very popular, and there are a lot of teachers out there who don’t really know what they’re doing.

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