Boys are stupid.  Why are you so stupid boys?

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  1. My niece gave up on boys for a while until they grew up a bit. Aren’t you old enough to be looking for men?

  2. It’s not their fault, boys need to be raised to be men. As a mom to one, soon to be two boys, I’m doing my part to make sure they are raised to become gentlemen someday. Nobody likes a grown boy.

  3. Because they are boys, of course, LOL!!!!! Says me, mom to two and wife to another 🙂

  4. Yep. I still have those days where I think boys are stupid…and I am married. It’s because I can’t stand when boys are dumb to my friends/sister. But, even more then that…I can’t stand when my sister/friends put up with it! ultra lame!

  5. Amy, I don’t quite know what your getting at, but I recently saw an interview w Dustin Hoffman re filming “Tootsie.” He said that when he looked in the mirror after his make-up artists had made him a woman, he was disappointed and said, “make me pretty.” The artists said that was it, the prettiest he could be. He was shocked to find himself looking at a woman he knew he never would talk to as a man. There was a disconnect between how he knew he was inside and how he appeared on the outside; he was suddenly aware that women he thought were in attractive could actually be fascinating. Stupid boy.

  6. Sorry, I raised/am raising two. I tried my best to do it right, but they are still jerks sometimes.(I still love them!) My older one is a model citizen, but when it comes to relationships he has broke a few hearts. Most of the time I think my dad was the only nice guy in the world. He died in 2006, he was almost 79 and raised by a divorced Mom too. Maybe it was the depression that made him nice.

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