There was a search term on my stats page that said “prognosis after cerebellar stroke.”  Ehhhhh……. There really is no prognosis.  If you didn’t die, great good for you!  Welcome to the club, now the fun begins!!  I remember in the first few months after my stroke I was obsessed with searching on the Internet for stuff about cerebellar or posterior stroke recovery.  That was still when I didn’t know that I didn’t know ANYTHING about recovering from a stroke.  There is no prognosis after a stroke, doctors especially can’t give you a prognosis.  They can’t tell you what you’re going to recover – don’t listen to them.  Trust me, don’t.  Your prognosis is directly proportionate to how much time you put into getting better.  Read this.

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  1. Zack is a musician. A very accomplished one. I had always, deep down, thought this could work to his advantage. That link gives me hope. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, he also has a VERY laid back personality. One of our biggest “issues” in marriage was that I can be a go getter, a “ball buster”, if you will…and he can very easily cave under strenuous pressure…whereas I thrive. He is rising to the occasion, though. He is never “non-compliant”, in fact, he always receives praise from his therapists because he works hard and is willing to do whatever they ask, to the best of his abilities. And I am thankful for that. But, in the back of my mind…I still think, “he could do more.” I would never tell him that…unless it came to a point when he actually wasn’t trying very hard. Who knows how I would be if the tables were turned. I am not a musician or an athlete…at least not anymore, I used to be an athlete. I would probably suck at having a brain injury. I hope I never have to find out. I’ve said it a thousand times-you guys are amazing.

    • It will help him a lot, what kind of musician? Don’t judge his attitude right now. You can probably start that in about 9 months.

      • Good to know, Amy. His favorite and main instrument is the guitar. He is also a solid drummer, and bassist. He knows his way around the piano but isn’t very practiced, mostly self-taught. He is also a singer. Music was second to Charley and I. He played and sang everyday. He also wrote songs. It was actually his job. He was the worship (and youth) pastor at our church. That has been one of the hardest things for me to watch him be unable to do. Though, I will say, he can still play…he does, but his fingers and arms just don’t do what he wants them to do all the time and he is very slow. But it’s getting better.

  2. You develop a love/hate relationship with the term, “it depends” and “every stroke is different in recover.” I’m a year out and still hate it but am gaining acceptance with it. It’s a start but that doesn’t mean I’m going to quit fighting for recovery.

  3. If Peter thinks I’m so damned smart, why haven’t I recovered yet?

  4. There are musicians on both sides of my family so I couldn’t agree more with the link you provided about athletes and musicians.

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