It may seem like I put a lot of work into this blog, but I don’t.  These blog posts kinda write themselves, appear in my head, then I transfer them from my brain to the computer.  I guess the blog post writing area of my brain was not affected by the stroke. Anyway, it’s almost as if something else is writing through me, I’ve never experienced anything like this, it’s weird.  Is this how you writers feel?

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  1. No, it’s not at all weird. Typically, some of the most successful writers have described their best works as having “flowed” from their brain to paper. When one writes what they know – as is recommended for aspiring writers by experienced writers – one’s work tends to have more passion thereby contributing to an almost autopilot writing process. Conversely, the end result for those who do not write what they know may seem contrived and lacking substance to readers, and involve a more laborious writing process for the writer.

  2. Yes. That’s one of the joys of blogging! When I write for “real”, I start with this sort of writing but then spend hours in painful editing…I much prefer the immediacy of blogging.

  3. yes, it’s your muse at work. There are pieces I plan and others that are spontaneous. I also spend far more time editing someone thing “for real,” at least 10 times through after I “finish.”

  4. I just go thru my dozens of research alerts each day and figure out what has any relationship to stroke. I try to put out 1 funny one and 1 anger producing one each day. Occasionally I get serious and put together my rants about the stupidity of the medical stroke world. I only spend 3-4 hours each night.

  5. This is what you are meant to be doing Amy. You have found a purpose and calling in your life: A true gift.

  6. Writing blogs just happen. It’s whatever strikes your fancy. I can write blogs but it’s my writing career that’s in jeopardy from my stroke. I published 6 books in a year and a half before my stroke. In the year since my stroke I’m struggling with the 37K words I’ve written and having trouble reaching the 75K words that I need to finish it. A huge change.

    • Oh wow, what’s causing you trouble? What are you struggling with?

      • It’s cognitive. Stringing words together is difficult. Especially since I forgot grammar and spelling with stroke. My manuscript is full of holes where I’ve forgotten the words for certain things. I’ll use the word banana for example… She peeled the (yellow, monkeys eat it, it grows on trees in the jungle) and ate it. I can remember all the things about it but can’t remember the word banana. It is slowly getting better.

        It makes it really hard to write cohesively when that is going on in your head. It gets very frustrating to write when you have to write like that and see all the red and green squiggly lines.. I write my blog in advance and have to go back and fill in the parentheses. I was blogging twice a week before my stroke but stepped it up to 5-7 times a week to practice my writing and grammar skills. With the soap opera which is my life, I’ve had to back it down to 4x a week until personal stressors reduce some.

        • That must be incredibly frustrating, Jo. Although I was whacked cognitively, thankfully it was more executive functioning than verbal ability. So, not being able to plot my stories doesn’t seem so bad after all. I hope your stressors back off soon – because you deserve a calm and productive life. We all do. 🙂

          • LOL Barb, I’ve never had a calm life which causes me to write suspense based on my experiences. I’ve always had stressors when writing just sometimes I get overloaded. My executive function as far as decision making and judgement calls was left in tact, thank goodness. I have far too many dependent issues to care for like my husband.

    • Hi Jo, what genre did you write in pre-stroke? 6 books in 1.5 years is impressive. I am nowhere near that prolific, even now, when my words come more easily than pre-stroke. I write fiction too and am having the most trouble plotting, but I’m more patient now, so it’s fine.

      • Barb what are some titles of books you’ve written?

        • Sorry to not be clear – I write fiction, but have never had any published (one reason I love how easy and inexpensive self-publishing is). The only published book I’ve written was non-fiction: “Worcester: An Illustrated History.”

      • Barb, I wrote two nonfictions last year(1 on survival, and 1 about taxes and being an indie author). I’ve spent the first twenty years of my part-time writing career writing nonfictions 14 titles in all.
        For four fictions, I broke with traditional publishing and went independent or self publishing. I like the pay out and royalty split a lot better. They are all suspense, but they vary in type of suspense. Escape from Second Eden is espionage type suspense, The Sacrificial Lamb is southern fiction under Jolee Morriss, Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption is suspense/horror, and the last is my children’s series written under Grandma Jam.

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