Recently I realized the enormity of what I have done.  I was not 2 years out from a massive stroke (3 of them), which completely depleted me of all strength and energy, but somehow I mustered up the strength to leave my terrible relationship that everyone who didn’t know the truth thought was so great.  And I didn’t leave to go live with another guy or live with my parents, I’m living alone.  This, despite multiple people in my OWN support system telling me that I shouldn’t leave.  Jesus, I guess you can’t knock me down, although someone certainly tried with the strokes.

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  1. It takes so much strength to leave a bad relationship, and that much more when your need for other’s help is there. You should be so very proud of yourself!

  2. I’m impressed and I don’t impress easily. I’ll ask if you want to talk about it. I’ve noticed there are certain things only other survivors get to hear about me.

  3. amazing. you have every reason to be proud. I am proud for you!

  4. Kudos! You must be so proud of yourself. It’s hard enough to let go when you’re feeling strong and self-assured. Doing so post-stroke is very impressive. Congrats on your strength. Living alone is the scariest thought I have.

    • Living alone really, really, really sucked at 1st. But after a while it wasn’t so bad. And it will help my recovery, there’s no one to do anything for me.

  5. WTG! It was easier on you to leave than to stay in the long run of things. I did the same thing, almost. I left wheelchair bound with four young children. It takes strength, resolve, and courage to say, “I’ve had enough” and actually do something about it. You are amazing!

  6. Yes, great job! Recovering from a stroke does show your strength, but finding the extra energy to take on a bad relationship while already feeling torn down is like a super power. I had to leave a bad marriage several years before my stroke….I couldn’t imagine doing it while recovering, or dealing with my former idiot ex while traveling through hell. You ARE strong for sure. You can do anything! Yaay!! Go Amy!!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! How are you feeling? My friend’s been super nauseous. 😦 How’s the foot pain?

      • Thank you!!! My foot pain came and went for days. It seems to be gone now. Thank you, the exercise you gave me did the trick!!! Where do I send payment? I’m feeling good pregnancy wise. My nausea is gone…I’m 19weeks now…it lasted til 16 or so. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a devastating family emergency, and its really hard to deal with…but hoping I can process it and move forward soon than later.

  7. Leaving any relationship is difficult, but leaving a relationship that the world thinks is perfect is especially difficult. I did this in my mid-twenties when I was totally healthy and it took me three years to finally do it, so the fact that you were able to do this after having a stroke is extraordinary. You are an incredibly strong person and your blog is my first read in the morning (after checking email and catching up on Words with Friends, which I have become addicted to).

    • Thanks Julia! You know I’m really really good at word games. 🙂 I don’t have Facebook but I’m gonna make a game account thing so I can play you. Try Scramble with Friends, I liked that one even more than Words.

      • I don’t have a Facebook page but all you need is an account to play. My cousin (who never loses) got me started and I’ve really enjoyed it. I would love to play with you. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the English language has lots of 2 and 3-letter words that have no obvious meaning and that you’ve never heard of unless you play Words With Friends. I’m going to check out Scrabble with Friends. How do I get started?

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