Foot Pain

I’ve given out this exercise 3 times recently to people who asked me about pain in their foot.   Two of those people have confirmed that it fixed the pain, I’m awaiting feedback from the 3rd person.  So I thought I should put it on my blog for all the world to see.  Here’s the exercise……..

Ignore the person on the floor and the mobilization band wrapped around the heel.  Get a chair and do this movement.  Bend your knee up on the chair and lean forward.  If there’s a pinching sensation at the front of the ankle, that’s ok, you actually kinda want that.  Try to lean into it a little bit, then back off and do it again at least 10 times every 2 hours.  That pinching should go away in time as should the pain in your foot.  Not examining/evaluating your foot makes giving out this exercise kinda risky BUT I’ve seen it help a lot of people.  So disclaimer: don’t do this.  If pain gets worse, stop.

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  1. As said third person, yes it helped! 👍😀

  2. I do this exercise regularly during my home workout sessions and throughout the day. As a result, I can now dorsiflex from foot drop to neutral. Yeah me! Now if fixing the inversion problem was so easy.

  3. I am one of the thankful success stories. At first I thought the pain was my foot, I was icing it, stretching my foot, changing shoes(all with no success),..then it come to me…its my calf causing the problem. I massaged, heat, regular stetching for my calf. It kept returning. Thank you Amy for giving me the right exercise that seems to have fixed it…hoping it stays away!!

    • I hope it stays away too! Elizabeth have you ever heard of eating the placenta after you give birth? There’s a wonderful new reality show called “Pregnant and Dating” that I was watching and they were talking about all the different ways to cook a placenta. I was like that might be the grossest thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Yes, I’ve heard of it….YUCK!!! NO WAY!!!! I was an OB nurse in my former life. Seen a lot of gross, strange, scary things. A lot of people do actually ask to take it home and plant a tree with it, a few cultures/ and some hippie types eat it. I couldn’t imagine. I have a thing against all organ foods anyway. Sounds like an interesting show though. I am all about all things pregnancy, maternal/newborn. That is my certified specialty and where my passion is.

        • That was sarcasm, it’s actually an awful show. :). I don’t know why i watch this awful crap. Could you imagine dating right now being preggers??

          • No way!! From what I’m hearing some guys are attracted to pg women. Weird. The body transformation is so crazy. I think its really amazing, but its shocking to see your body taking a new form. Second time around, I’m less worried about anything being permanent. It all went back last time except my brain. Hoping it doesn’t fall apart this time around.

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