Month: August 2013


People that don’t have a brain injury DO NOT, CANNOT, NEVER WILL even come close to understanding the fatigue that has resulted from this.  You might be a doctor or a therapist, or have 10 PhDs, unless you have experienced… Read More ›

The Swank Diet

I met a guy recently who has Multiple Sclerosis.  He was diagnosed about 15 years ago and was bed bound for a while.  He has COMPLETELY controlled his MS through diet.  It’s called the Swank Diet.  Now, there is absolutely… Read More ›

More About Hair

My OT friend told me that when she was working in inpatient she made a deal with her therapist friend that if either of them were ever hospitalized, the other one would shave her legs for her.  That’s a good… Read More ›

Nap Time….

It’s almost nap time for me.  I love it that I’m 33 years old and have to lay down for a nap EVERY day.  That rocks.  I mean I’m not complaining.  Well, yes I am.  I used to absolutely LOVE the… Read More ›