Month: August 2013


People that don’t have a brain injury DO NOT, CANNOT, NEVER WILL even come close to understanding the fatigue that has resulted from this.  You might be a doctor or a therapist, or have 10 PhDs, unless you have experienced… Read More ›

The Swank Diet

I met a guy recently who has Multiple Sclerosis.  He was diagnosed about 15 years ago and was bed bound for a while.  He has COMPLETELY controlled his MS through diet.  It’s called the Swank Diet.  Now, there is absolutely… Read More ›

More About Hair

My OT friend told me that when she was working in inpatient she made a deal with her therapist friend that if either of them were ever hospitalized, the other one would shave her legs for her.  That’s a good… Read More ›

Nap Time….

It’s almost nap time for me.  I love it that I’m 33 years old and have to lay down for a nap EVERY day.  That rocks.  I mean I’m not complaining.  Well, yes I am.  I used to absolutely LOVE the… Read More ›


This post is dedicated to Barb.  So Barb you have to dedicate your next book to me.  A blog post for a book, that’s equal appreciation.  I think.  So yesterday I had lunch with a guy from my old company.  It’s… Read More ›


This kinda goes against my post yesterday and against probably the image of myself that I’m putting out there, that’s partially why I want to write this.  I don’t feel like this often anymore but today has been a horrible,… Read More ›

Saving a Life

There is a big, big difference between saving someone’s life and keeping that person alive.  My neurosurgeon did not save my life, he merely prevented me from dying.  He kept me breathing.  Meditation saved my life.  It made me want… Read More ›

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Yes, tiniree, laughter is the best medicine.  There’s lots of research that says so. This cracks me up………My dog has OCD.  But that’s kinda fitting, any dog of mine should have OCD.  When Cassie comes in the house using the… Read More ›


If I didn’t have the cutest dog in the world, there would have been many, many, many, many, many days that I didn’t leave the house, didn’t go outside.  But I had to go outside, I had to take her… Read More ›


Yesterday I had an appointment with a brand new neurologist.  I really, really liked her.  Now, for me to say that I really like a doctor, especially a neurologist, and use 2 reallys to boot – that’s QUITE a big… Read More ›

Cervicogenic Headache

When I look at my stats page I read all the search terms people used that made them wind up on my blog and sometimes that makes a blog post appear in my head.  Yesterday there was a search term ‘cervicogenic headache… Read More ›

Achilles Tendonitis

Someone wound up on my blog by searching ‘achilles tendonitis.’  So here ya go.  Everyone knows what the achilles tendon is right?  It’s at the back of the heel, it connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.  Umm there are a couple… Read More ›


Multiple people have told me this.  I wish this was something I knew about 2.5 years ago when I was bald and absolutely devastated about losing my hair.  I was much more upset about losing all of my hair than having a… Read More ›

‘M’ is for Mop

I was reminded of something yesterday that I couldn’t do in the hospital.  Now, I couldn’t do a whole hell of a lot of stuff when I was in the hospital but for whatever reason it REALLY pissed me off… Read More ›