Achilles Tendonitis

Someone wound up on my blog by searching ‘achilles tendonitis.’  So here ya go.  Everyone knows what the achilles tendon is right?  It’s at the back of the heel, it connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.  Umm there are a couple of words your doctor might say if you have a problem with the achilles tendon.  You might be diagnosed with achilles tendonitis or tendonosis.  Doesn’t matter, they’re treated the same damn way.  Tendons respond to eccentric contractionsEccentric heel raises are what you wanna be doing for achilles tendonitis.  You also want to do all the regular strengthening and stretching of the ankle stuff.  Disclaimer: don’t do anything that I say.  Barb, that does sound like Dean.

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  1. Come on Amy, you’re smart enough to know not to follow my ideas. No one else in the medical world does.

  2. Actually, I did worse. I started with Plantar’s Fascitis and went in Achilles rupture on my left left. It took two years to heal after the surgery. So what did I go and do? Have a stroke that affected my right side and develop a contracture of the Achilles tendon. I have a nice step-up attached to my AFO and a custom insert in my shoe. It’s healing ever so slowly.

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