If I didn’t have the cutest dog in the world, there would have been many, many, many, many, many days that I didn’t leave the house, didn’t go outside.  But I had to go outside, I had to take her out.  If you get sick, get a dog.  If you have little kids I’m sure you probably don’t need a puppy on top of that but if you have no kids to raise like me, get a dog.


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  1. I agree. If I hadn’t had a stroke, I would not have a dog. Unfortunately I could walk him only when he was tiny because he pulls on the leash and, walking with my cane, I cannot stay upright. I have taken him to school (with help) and had a trainer come to our house, but he is spoiled – and set in his ways after 3 years of doing his own thing. But he happily keeps me company and keeps me happy. He’s exuberant, enthusiastic and empathetic. Plus – sorry, Amy – he is the cutest dog in the whole world. He was bred as a bedwarmer for French royalty: sweet, cuddly and good in bed, too.

    • Ummmm, ok can I see a picture? Only then will I admit that his cuteness comes close to my dog’s.

      • You’re on! I couldn’t figure out how to post a pic here, so I emailed you one from my phone. Hard to find a good pic with his face showing because if he’s settled enough for me to take a pic, he’s curled up sleeping.

        • Ok ok ok…..that’s pretty freakin’ cute I must say, but my dog still wins the cute contest. Right now I’m at a Starbucks sitting in the sun making some vitamin D but when I get home I’m gonna figure out how to post that picture so that other people can decide.

  2. And the dog is a her. Are men still in the doghouse?

  3. My family is owned by three pugs. There is no doubt they help in my recovery in all ways.

  4. My Yorkie died a year before my stroke. Am thinking of a German Shepherd. I used to train them, but am concerned about their size. That’s the only thing holding me back right now.

  5. I have possibly the ugliest dog ever…. Only a mother could love this one!!! And I do!!! She has helped me through the most difficult times in my life, yet requires minimal effort in exchange for the perfection that she offers. She is 13 and so I relish all the time I have left with her. Stroke recovery help??? Oh yes!!! Best listener, moral supporter ever!!! Glad you have some furry friends to cheer you on too!

  6. I have always shared my life and my home with non-human people, but my two cats are more important to me now than ever. They are hysterically funny ( sorry Elsa and Grizzie, I admit that am laughing at you not with you especially when you are aggressively hunting and pouncing on dust motes), affectionate, and endlessly understanding as long as their food dishes are filled on a regular basis. I would love a dog too (I have always wanted a German shepherd from the monks of New Skete), but the girls would freak out and I don’t think I could handle walking duties quite yet. Has anyone looked into a mobility assistance dog? We know someone with MS who has one and loves her.

    • That’s a great idea! My friend’s mom in PT school used to train golden retrievers to be guide dogs for the blind. It was heartbreaking when it was time for the dogs to leave though.

      • I have always wanted to train therapy dogs, but I absolutely SUCK as a dog trainer. Philosophically, I believe in only positive reinforcement, but I cannot seem to make it effective. I end up with brats who can sit and lie down (and know how to communicate “outside,”) but that’s the entire list. I can’t even get my current dog to refrain from sticking his head in and snarfling through friends’ purses.

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