Laughter is the Best Medicine

Yes, tiniree, laughter is the best medicine.  There’s lots of research that says so.

This cracks me up………My dog has OCD.  But that’s kinda fitting, any dog of mine should have OCD.  When Cassie comes in the house using the back door, which is in my kitchen, she MUST step on the kitchen mat before entering the living room.  If something is in her way (in this case the cat) she will wait until that obstacle is gone.

Also, Barb challenged the cuteness of my dog, here is a picture of hers, decide for yourself……………


Tiniree’s pug……

Cutie Pie Riley

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17 replies

  1. I vote for the cat!

  2. Correction: Barb thinks your dog is absolutely cute and adorable, just not cuter than her own.

  3. Is that actual silverware on the mat? I vote for the anonymous hand for cuteness.

  4. No way!!! That is incredibly comical!! An OCD dog… Who woulda thunk it? Haha

  5. Ok Cutie contest! I just sent you a pic of our pug Riley.

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