Saving a Life

There is a big, big difference between saving someone’s life and keeping that person alive.  My neurosurgeon did not save my life, he merely prevented me from dying.  He kept me breathing.  Meditation saved my life.  It made me want to live again, to be a functioning member of society.  Before I found this practice I was depressed as hell and wanted to die.

Please go here for a better, affordable alternative to learning Transcendental Meditation.

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  1. I am so grateful you found KY so that you are here to help so many people (including me). Because of your faith in its miraculous results, I’ve been looking for a local practitioner to help/teach me. Any ideas re finding one? Most in Mass. seem to be at Kripalu, which is 3 hours away (maybe 6 how I drive now).

  2. You are a wonderful functioning member of society. I come here all the time looking to see what humorous writings you or the comenters have done. Before you came it was dull.

  3. Amy – I may have missed it. But what is the difference between KY, and other yoga techniques?

  4. I will definitely be looking into therapeutic yoga as I too suffer from depression, mostly from my limitations due to my stroke, but I trended this way pre-stroke as well. I have found Pilates to be a life-saver in this regard. I’m not up to working on the reformer yet, but I am able to do a version of the mat work. My teacher comes to the house twice a week and I do the mat on my own on other days. The combination of strengthening and stretching has kept me pain free, given me more control over my wayward left side, and the breathing, when done properly in conjunction with the exercises gives me a sense of well being. I don’t think I’d be walking now if I didn’t have a strong core from Pilates. As my husband and I like to say “Hail Mary Ragan, Pilates teacher extraordinaire!” Now if only insurance would cover it.

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