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My OT friend told me that when she was working in inpatient she made a deal with her therapist friend that if either of them were ever hospitalized, the other one would shave her legs for her.  That’s a good idea.  See, I was in the hospital for a month and by the end of that month the hair on my legs, armpits, and eyebrows was absolutely out of control.  Not that I gave a shit what the hair on my legs was doing.  So I really don’t know if I would have appreciated that at the time.  I was pretty out of it and also hated EVERYONE so if you came near me with a razor it may not have ended well.  I was also on Coumadin and you have to be really careful about shaving when on Coumadin.  So, maybe not a good idea for a devastating, awful, horrible traumatic event like I had but for less traumatic reasons for being in the hospital, I think that’s a good idea.

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  1. How long before this degenerates into something personal?

  2. Less. We’re at about 45 minutes. Here goes… The degeneration begins. I cannot rave enough about laser hair removal. Haven’t had to shave my legs or armpits in 20 years. Eyebrows however still require regular maintenance. Dean, are you enjoying this? Now for the bikini wax…

    • That name made me LOL. Every female that has a stroke should automatically get the hair lasered off their legs and armpits.

      • Maybe they can include mani pedi and botox too?

      • I wasn’t quite as lucky with the laser hair removal. I spent a bunch of $ and endured the pain of the laser several times, but my hair is persistent. My Italian genes do not want me to be hair free, much to my displeasure. I would sneak my razor into the shower in rehab. My husband would “supervise” my showers so that the male ot wouldn’t have to. Or rather I so I wouldn’t have to endure Trent’s observations and help. I never told anyone about my shaving.. I was sure they wouldn’t allow it..but was NOT giving up any vanity or personal care beyond the first week. The first week was complete hell in every way complete with total care: bed baths…ugh, feeding, commode use, help….and being completely aware of everything and how f’d up I was. I have bad vivid memories of every aspect. PLEASE….NEVER AGAIN!! So as soon as I could take control back, I did…not a moment later.And for me that meant shaving and make-up. It helped me to feel “normal” even though I was far off from baseline.

        • It hurt? I thought laser hair removal wasn’t supposed to hurt.

          • I didn’t find it uncomfortable, but I have dark hair and very pale skin which is supposed to make it easier. Or at least I had dark hair until it started to gray.

          • Oh no….for me it hurt like hell!!! I would use the emla (lidocaine topical), but it still hurt. I would be sweating and crying inside, but hoped it was all in the name of becoming hair free…not so lucky 😦 !! And I have the one of the worst combos, lighter hair with medium to darker skin. The laser reacts with the color in the hair follicle…killing it. With lighter hair, they need to use a higher setting higher setting=more pain, but they need to be careful not to burn the skin while killing the hair follicle. With darker skin the laser is attracted to the melanin in the skin and can burn easily. It’s a balance, using the highest setting to burn the hair follicle but not the skin.

      • I desperately want to get rid of my armpit hair. The most humiliating thing on my life now is asking my husband to shave them for me. But I wonder how I’d have to hold my affected arm. Is laser done lying down? Do I have to have my arm stretched so that my armpit is flat? How long does it take?
        BTW, I didn’t see Dean’s challenge until this morning, or I’d have been asking these questions sooner.

        • Laser is done lying down with your arm stretched above your head for maximum exposure. It wasn’t comfortable but it didn’t hurt either. I went back 3 or 4 times then nothing grew back. Each session took about 10 minutes per arm. Next to the 250.00 for the cat therapist (long story for another time when you need a really good laugh) the 300.00 for underarm laser was the best $ I ever spent.

          • a cat therapist????????????????????????????????????/

          • Everyone ALWAYS ALWAYS needs a good laugh, please tell the story……..

            • The cat therapist. Here’s the tail (pun intended). Several years ago, a college friend of my husband’s, I’ll call him DR to protect his privacy came to stay with us. Turns out DR didn’t like cats, and screamed at Elsa when she was on the litter box which we kept in the guest bathroom. Elsa was feral as a kitten and very fragile emotionally so she completely freaked out and started using our bed as a litter box. Being the incredible cat mom that I am, I covered the bed with a plastic shower curtain liner and towels, which I washed several times a day. I really did this as I love Elsa deeply and just couldn’t figure out any other way to deal with it. I did all the standard stuff like changing the litter, adding more boxes, making sure she didn’t have anything medical going on, etc. to no avail. But we were about to move into a new apartment with a new, custom mattress (for an antique bed) and we needed a better solution. Also I was spending all my time doing laundry. In desperation I was looking online yet again for information and came across the Cat Behavior Clinic. I set up a phone appointment, paid my $250, and hoped for the best. My husband was furious, thinking it was a scam for desperate people which I certainly was by that point.. But Michelle, the therapist, was great. First I had to fill out a 20 page questionnaire about both my cats. Then I had a 2 hour phone appointment with her. She first suggested a litter I had never heard of and that you can only get online (Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter) which is good for treating box avoidance. It has an herb in it that the cats love. Elsa loved it so much she fell asleep in the box when I first put the new litter in. Then I had to train her to stop using the bed. Since cats won’t shit where they eat, Michelle told me to put food on the bed which I did for several weeks. On plates, not directly on the bed. She felt that Elsa’s anxiety issues stemmed from a difficult kittenhood, and the bed wetting was triggered by being frightened by DR while she was on the litter box. So she prescribed two activities for helping Elsa deal with her anxiety. First, something she called prey play. It’s a very specific way of playing with a cat so that she gets to “kill” something every day. Then she gets fed right after the play session to simulate “eating her kill”. We still do this every day with her. Then there is the weekly ‘nip session. We sprinkle catnip on the scratch lounges and the girls just love it. They get very mellow. And Elsa hasn’t had a single accident since. DR was told he could no longer stay with us because our cat didn’t like him. He wasn’t thrilled but has dealt with it. Michelle changed our lives. Best $250 I ever spent. So, obviously the lesson is that we just need to kick ass and do weed and we can get rid of our anxieties too.

              • Oh my, since my initials are DR I guess I’m being blamed for the cat psychosis. ROFL.

              • Wow! That’s a great story. My dog and cat come before anything/everyone else. The next guy I date has to deal with the fact that I sleep with 2 animals in my bed and 1 of those animals snuggles up right against me. That’s not changing anytime soon.

                • I still have my late wife’s mug inscibed as follows: “The more I know men, the better I like my Cat”.

                  She also has a sign hanging on the kitchen wall: “Husband and Cat missing. $200 reward for Cat.”

                  My cat Henry, rescued by my wife and the last living thing she saw before falling into a terminal coma, is what’s keeping me from wishing I were dead. Truth.

      • paid for by insurance! hah!

    • Oh Julia, you are just having too much fun. Irk away. Maybe you gals should just hot wax the rest of my head, I can be like Telly.

  3. By the way, I have this image of you threatening hospital personnel with a razor and it’s LOL funny.

  4. I was told under no circumstances could I use a razor. Like you after a month in the hospital, I was threatening going European hippie on everyone. Not only braiding my hair on my head but my arm pits and legs too.

    Two days after I got home my daughters went out and bought me an electric razor. I recently got my head hair cut into a pixie. It’s about 2″ length and my hubby has longer hair, but I love it. No severe strain in washing and rinsing my hair. Don’t have to brush it. Just run my hand through it and go.

    Have thought about electrolysis, laser, and wax for bodily hair, but sounds too painful.

    See I didn’t degenerate it this time, but was restraining myself very hard. I think I left bruises and swear I taste blood from my tongue. HEHEHE!

  5. No comment on the leg thing (I haven’t shaved my legs since I was pregnant with my second child and my husband said he didn’t care…armpits are quick and easy but legs take forever!)…but one of the first things I did when I got home was to schedule a haircut and get it cut really short. If I was a man, I would have grown a huge beard. Personal hygiene is just so much work!

    • It is a pain, I agree. One of the very first things I did when I got home was get my eyebrows waxed. I couldn’t stand it, even with my stroke-addled brain.

      • It’s funny what feels really important even in the middle of stroke. My toenails were a big deal to me. I can’t really see them but I needed them to be kept nice.

      • I agree that what’s important after is different. I always tweezers my eyebrows before, but wax them now. I used to be neurotic about those hairs, but tweeting is hard for me now, eyesight-related, not stroke. And I’ve had short hair for a long time, so all I’ve done for years is stick my head under the faucet and scratch it. Sometimes needs a little gel or wax, but running my fingers through is all the styling it gets. And the less often I wash it, the easier it is to manage.

        That’s really the only down-side to going to the pool. – my hair is fluffy after.

  6. You’re off Coumadin? What are you doing to prevent another stroke? In my case the cause was either my atrial fib or an arterial dissection,, or both. In either case I was put on Coumadin indefinitely.

    • They don’t know which caused it? I really don’t know why I’m surprised by that, I really really don’t know. I take a baby aspirin everyday for stroke prevention plus lead a very healthy life. Ok maybe not ‘very,’ but pretty healthy.

      • Didn’t they do an MRI and/or CT scan and determine the etiology?
        Did you have atrial fib? Hypertension?

        Coumadin thins your blood wheras aspirin prevents platelet formation. For atrial fib ischemia Coumadin is supposed to be the way to go. For dissection it’s more controversial – e.g the US goes with Coumadin but the Brits go with aspirin. I decided to do both, right or wrong ….

        • Yes, A LOT of MRIs and A LOT of CT scans. They determined nothing. I had zero risk factors.

          • My husband had a stroke on march 2011 he was 41, they don’t know for sure why he had one, he is not taking coumadin any more just an aspirin everyday. He had a seizure on 2012 he is taking keppra twice a day. While he was at the hospital his berd grew they shaved it but left him with a mustache, he has never had one, it was funny.

            • My stroke was in March 2011.

              • His was one day after si 41 b-day, March 7, he went to work and I did the same, he called me after work to let me know he needed to get something for his car. Well 2hrs later a Dr called me to let me know he have had a stroke. The only thing he complained off before the stroke was head aches, didn’t think yo much of it, I get them all the time. His affected side is the right one with severe aphasia. Same week he had the stroke I found out I was one month pregnant with our first child. Things haven’t been easy. Love your blog

      • I take baby aspirin too. My blood has no trouble clotting though, so I’m not convinced it’s doing anything.

  7. But, but, we haven’t gotten to anyones love life yet, And its not going to me since I have none.

    • I don’t have one either, hence my hatred of men. Or do I not have a love life BECAUSE I hate men? Hmmm, I don’t know which comes first.

    • This is just TOO tempting, so here goes: one of my worries while I was in rehab was about having sex w my husband when I got home … I didn’t feel like I’d ever be attractive again (no hair removal, saggy face, pop-eye, etc.), plus there were the physical limitations that could potentially interfere with the fun. Turns out, though, that the missionary position gives my affected leg a great stretch.

      • One of the hardest laughs my husband and I had was about a comment his “prior” best friend had made about me long ago after meeting me for the first time. His so called friend, who is more of an A-hole than anything had said, “So you found yourself a trophy wife?”I always thought that was such a rude, demeaning comment and so far off from who I am or what I’m about, but when I was all messed up in rehab….I simply stated in my barely audible slurred speech, “so much for your trophy wife!” We never laughed so hard!!!! That is the long standing joke, when I’m looking my best or worst now.

        • Elizabeth, although wome consider “trophy wife”to be an insult implying they’re superficial, a guy thinks it’s a compliment meaning, “beautiful.” Because that’s what we are: beautiful and shallow OR plain, but have a great personality. But, I don’t hate men, mostly because I’m married to the best guy on Earth.

      • First time having sex after inpatient rehab was strange. I had a “hemigasm” and was so freaked out I’ve been afraid to try again. Not terrible, just “hemi” and I can’t handle any more loss so I’ve been avoiding dealing with it. My husband has been incredibly understanding, either that or he’s been frequenting prostitutes. Whatever… Anyone else have this experience?

        • I was nervous about the whole thing, but we waited a LONG time to try again. First time, I went all out…some special lingerie n everything. ” Looks like ur trophy wife is back.” My husband was thrilled to say the least and I was fine, back to normal. The biggest problem is ” scheduling” time. I’m soo tired all the time and it needs to happen when our son is sleeping.

        • My husband is the one who had the stroke, affected him his right side and speech, we had sex before, but I guess he doesn’t feel confortable enough to ask for it, so I just leave him a lone, I don’t really miss having sex so I’m ok with it. But sometimes I wonder if I should approach him and make him feel that I’m ok with what he can offer. Don’t know

        • Julia, my go-to orgasm is clitoral, and I can’t imagine that could be hemi. As for vaginal, no, I haven’t experienced a hemi.

  8. oh dear! This feed is out of control hilarious!

    Poor Zack, he can’t see very well so he doesn’t know when his eyebrows are starting to connect or when his nose hairs are getting out of control, so I make sure he is groomed. He was (is) super anal about his appearance. He always looked very neat. Now, I don’t think he cares nearly as much. But I like to make sure he looks clean and neat, because that’s what he always liked. I can’t believe they shaved your whole head. What A-holes. How short was it? Less than a half inch?

  9. Amy, I just had to put this in here to see if you were anywhere close to these women.

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