The Swank Diet

I met a guy recently who has Multiple Sclerosis.  He was diagnosed about 15 years ago and was bed bound for a while.  He has COMPLETELY controlled his MS through diet.  It’s called the Swank Diet.  Now, there is absolutely no information out there about diet for stroke survivors, except the generic eat a healthy diet BS.  I think I’m gonna try the Swank Diet for a couple of months and see what happens.  If it helps one neurological condition maybe it will help another.  The biggest thing about the Swank Diet is no dairy.  That will be really hard, I consume a crapload of dairy.  No ordering pizza?  Oh man.  And no lattes at Starbucks???????  Well, if it helps me get over this it’s totally, totally worth it.

By the way, I socialized last night.  For the first time since my stroke I went and hung out with a group of people who I mostly didn’t know that knew nothing about me.  This is something that I ABSOLUTELY would not have done a few months ago.  I went to dinner and a comedy show.  If it wasn’t a comedy show I probably would not have gone.  I went to see Kevin Nealon, he was hilarious.  I highly recommend going to see him live.  I’m paying for it today because I woke up with a headache but that’s ok, that was a big step for me.

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  1. About 3 months ago I read an article about a doctor who managed her MS through diet…no dairy and grass fed/organic meat. Dairy really is pretty bad for us. Zack and I have been eating dairy-free and mostly processed grain free (that’s harder to tell if you’re actually getting whole grain) for about a month…maybe a little more now. In the last month we really noticed his communication got better…his speech yes, but he also had very poor communication skills….conversations were mostly one sided, etc. And it still can be like that with him..but it has gotten immensely better! Also, his double vision has drastically improved. Instead of having it almost constantly he will go long periods without it. He is also doing vision who knows. His energy level has also increased…and, as you know, his balance and walking has improved in leaps and bounds. In the morning he has been drinking a fruit and veggie smoothie. I pack those suckers full of greens, avocado, flax seed oil, nut butter and or nuts, and then some frozen fruit to help with the taste and make it cold and smoothie-like. We haven’t given up meat mostly because he is so skinny and still really needs to gain ten pounds to be at a good weight. Even ten more pounds isn’t his “normal”…but what is these days? We stick to organic/grass fed. I really think giving up meat will be a big one. When he comes home, we want to start eating 2 meals a day raw, and only one cooked. I have read so much about diet and the amazing affects of raw food on our bodies. I have read about SO many diseases being corrected through diet and even multiple people not needing to wear glasses anymore after some time of being on a raw food diet.

    check out She has amazing testimonials and tips.

    Sorry for the book. I can’t believe, after all this, how important diet is. And, we were by no means unhealthy people. Nor was Zack overweight. Crazy. Go for it! You can do it. Plus, diary weighs you down…I feel sooo much better without it.

  2. Did the butterfly have fun with people or did someone rip the wings off?

  3. Good for you! I went to lunch the other day with a lady I volunteer with. Just like you, it was the first time I went out by myself without having a family member with me. It was scary, but I was glad I went.

  4. Good for you! I’m so glad you had a good time.
    I am not soo sure about the swank diet, I will be interested in seeing what you think. Foods can make a difference. I have several foods that I have always been allergic to. Some of the them were pretty mild in the past so I had the food once in a while, like pumpkin pie with friends. Now I wind up with a huge increase in stroke symptoms when I have something like pumpkin muffins.

  5. It sounds like you had fun and it’s about time! I always say that recovering from a stroke is one step forward and two back. We, as survivors have to learn bigger steps forward and smaller steps back. If all you had was a headache and being tired…sounds like you did that. WTG!

    • Yeah, the only negatives were being tired and getting a headache. But that happens to a lot of people after a night out! Of course, that usually means they’re hungover but eh.

  6. I think it’s great to try different things with diet….there are so many things that we can’t control….what u put in ur mouth is one thing u can control, so why not try. With the current state of the “typical American diet”, being largely unhealthy….maybe something could help u. From what I gather u are already living a pretty healthy lifestyle….n so maybe u will or won’t notice a change. I saw a naturopath about a year ago. She gave me all kinds of diet recommendations and supplements….it was a huge waste of money for me. When I looked all the supplements up….I was furious….if I would have just followed her plan….I would have been more at risk than before. Herbs are not regulated and can be very dangerous….I think more scary than pharma…which I try to stay away from everything I can. At least with pharma, they do big controlled studies…it’s easy to look up side effects, contraindications…and what they say is in the bottle, pill is guaranteed to be in there….not so with supplements.The stuff this lady suggested to me, potentially thinned blood and/or lowered the seizure threshold….both things I told her I needed to avoid. So anyway, diets can be good if you are in the large majority of obese, unhealthy, Americans. I’m not, my diet is balanced, I don’t buy into much of the extreme “health crazes” that fly by. Here in CA, everyone is on some sort of whacked, extreme diet that they swear by….not me. Balanced, healthy, diverse, fresh is where I am most of the time and suspect is best for our amazing human bodies. I have tweaked my diet excluding this or that temporarily….but never noticed any changes, and besides I’m a bit of a foodie, food snob…I don’t want to give up yummy food if there is no pay off. I like to cook and love fancy gourmet food, but that indulgence is not everyday, fat laden, yucky processed foods. And always in small portions. So my main point, it could be worth a try….depending I think mostly on the state of ur current diet. Good luck…I hope u find something that works for u.

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