Month: September 2013


The first time I wrote about ataxia it was so bad I would sit on my hand.  Maybe I had to sit on my hand because of the intention tremor.  It was a combination of both I think.  Remember that the… Read More ›


On Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing their game against the Vikings in London. Apparently the NFL wants there to eventually be a football team in London. Ummm, does anyone else think that this is incredibly stupid? It’s called… Read More ›


When I started writing this blog, I hadn’t found my voice.  Writing voice, that is.  When I started writing this, I was just a physical therapist who had a stroke and I thought that I knew some stuff.  I’m still… Read More ›

40 is the new 30

They said on some talk show today that “40 is the new 30.”  Well that’s good, I hope that’s true.  The first time that I had a 30th year on this planet it blew chunks.  And I blew chunks.  I… Read More ›


Someone sent me a really interesting article.  It’s about whether to disclose a hidden disability.  All of my disabilities are invisible.  You see me walking down the street and you wouldn’t know that I had a single issue.  I am… Read More ›