Month: September 2013

Rubber Ducky

Right now there is a giant rubber ducky floating down the Ohio River in Pittsburgh. You may want to ask “But why Amy?  Why is there a giant rubber ducky floating down the river in Pittsburgh?” The answer to that… Read More ›


The first time I wrote about ataxia it was so bad I would sit on my hand.  Maybe I had to sit on my hand because of the intention tremor.  It was a combination of both I think.  Remember that the… Read More ›


On Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing their game against the Vikings in London. Apparently the NFL wants there to eventually be a football team in London. Ummm, does anyone else think that this is incredibly stupid? It’s called… Read More ›


When I started writing this blog, I hadn’t found my voice.  Writing voice, that is.  When I started writing this, I was just a physical therapist who had a stroke and I thought that I knew some stuff.  I’m still… Read More ›

40 is the new 30

They said on some talk show today that “40 is the new 30.”  Well that’s good, I hope that’s true.  The first time that I had a 30th year on this planet it blew chunks.  And I blew chunks.  I… Read More ›


Someone sent me a really interesting article.  It’s about whether to disclose a hidden disability.  All of my disabilities are invisible.  You see me walking down the street and you wouldn’t know that I had a single issue.  I am… Read More ›


Goodbye Dexter Morgan, goodbye forever.  😦  Your serial killing ways brought me a lot of joy in the last few years when I had VERY little to be joyful about.


When you have surgery on your rotator cuff or hip, there is usually a protocol that your physical therapist gets that says stuff like “the patient should have this much range of motion by this day.”  It’ll say stuff like… Read More ›


I named this post Barb because this was completely her idea and she has emailed me with questions and given me multiple ideas for blog posts.  Thanks Barb!  🙂  Usually I have an answer.  I hate not having an answer. … Read More ›

Parallel Parking

Don’t ever say that women can’t parallel park.  I have brain damage and I can do it perfectly……. AND……………………………………………..just for laughs…………………………………..

Mirror Box

My parents made me a mirror box using these instructions. How many things can you find in this picture?   If you’d rather just buy one, this one looks good.

The Myotome Dance

A myotome is the muscle(s) that correlates to a spinal segment.  For example, your biceps are your C5 myotome.  Or is it C6?  I forget, anyway the nerves that come out of the 5th segment of your spine control the biceps.  So… Read More ›

Physical Therapy

I can’t sleep so I thought I’d write a blog post.  I fell into the profession of physical therapy back asswards.  Most people have some story like “my mom went to PT” or “my sister went to PT” or “I… Read More ›

Eccentric Control

Ok so this is something I knew but REALLY, REALLY, REALLY learned first hand in the last few years.  An eccentric contraction is when the muscle is used to go down a hill, step, or lower something.  Eccentric contractions are harder,… Read More ›