FYI if you have a tremor in your hand don’t cut your own bangs because this happens……..


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  1. You are incredibly brave. I would never take a scissor to my own hair, even pre-stroke. I did once try grooming my dog ( a standard poodle named Val) when I was in my teens, and when I finally took her to a professional groomer, I thought she was going to report me for cruelty to animals. Val was fine physically but her self-esteem was definitely damaged. You really did very little damage and it’ll grown in quickly. Eat protein. Hair is protein.

  2. You get red hair, wonderful.

  3. This won’t be comforting, but nothing beats failure but trying and you know it will grow back in no time. At least it wasn’t an epic fail

  4. At least you gave it a try, just wear side bangs for a while 😉

  5. I am so sorry but this made me actually laugh out loud! My daughter who also has a tremor did he exact same thing. I am going to share this with her (as I do many of your posts). Always a reminder that she isn’t alone.

  6. Well, sometimes we learn by experience – Ha ha. See, now that is the benefit of losing half of my eyesight and not being able to remember what I see. i think it is fine. Hence, my children won’t let me touch their hair. 🙂

  7. Amy, that’s nothing someone two-handed can’t fix. The trick is to have one hand hold a small clump up straight and snip it evenly. The result is even, but feathered, which is better that completely straight and even. P.S. Yes, your hair is a gorgeous color

  8. Just say you were going for the “choppy” look! 🙂 Nice job! haha

  9. Hair wax/gel. Red Sox cap. Sun hat. Hair band. You could also push up your reading glasses and prop them on your head; make it look casual. Or leave alone and call it bed head.

    You’ll be gorgeous no matter what you do.

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