My gym got a new machine that I have never seen before.  It’s called a Helix.  It’s an elliptical but instead of your feet going back and forth, they go right to left.  That would be freakin’ HARD.  I think before the stroke I would’ve been afraid of that thing but now OMG.

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  1. Wow!! I watched their video and it’s scary-looking – but that’s the way we improve – by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones – right?

  2. Oh Hell NO! I started giggling picturing me trying that thing! Geez, I’m laughing now 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on The Wonky Walker and commented:
    Saw this Amy’s great blog and thought I’d share it with you all! Don’t know about you, but there is no way I would even try this!!

  4. I’ve always been terrified of treadmills, even pre-stroke so the Helix would be a stretch for sure. Does anyone use an elliptical?

  5. I can only do a regular elliptical for three minutes….I think my hip joints would pop out if I tried this….it looks fun, and I would try it, but I think holding on with one hand like I do, I would fall over sideways….I know I could not do it low, I can barely go low standing still… I really need to go back to the gym everyday….Julia I find ellipticals much easier than treadmills, the place you stand on stays with your feet so no tripping, that is my experience anyway

    • Opposite for me! Trying to have my foot remain still on an elliptical makes my tremor come out and my foot shakes. I like much better the constant motion of a treadmill.

      • only my left arm gets tremors, but only when using my right too much, or moving my left a certain way. I just let it hang (left arm) when I do the elliptical, and be careful my ankle does not turn….but since my stamina only lasts 3 mins, my ankle stays strong

        when I go to planet fitness I try to do as many different foot and leg weight machines as I can, then again, I have not been in months…I told myself I was going back today, but I stayed busy with housework…I need a big push out the door to get going back, it was too hot to walk or work outside today

  6. I’ve got an elliptical at home. But think what the Helix would do for balance issues and core strength. I’d try it, but at a much slower speed and build up like any sensible person would do. For safety I would want a tether.

    I find treadmills scary but have no problem with an elliptical, go figure.

  7. Stationary bike here. And swimming. Also walking.

  8. Okay, I want to try this! It looks hard, but I want to see if I can do it. Last month I stayed on a treadmill for a bit without my gait going to wide. It was the first time in my 10+ years I have been able to accomplish that. Now i am ready for a new challenge. Bring it on!

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