I lost all my e-mail followers :(

Just so everyone knows, WordPress blew up or something cause it’s saying I have 0 email followers on my blog and this morning I had like 50.  So when I click publish if this doesn’t go to your email I’m sorry, that sucks.  😦

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16 replies

  1. Well that’s crap! Hope they fix it and your subscribers are still there.

  2. Well crap again! Mine are all gone too! What the hell???

  3. Amy – WP just emailed me. They are fixing the “glitch” and say our followers are still there, just not showing up in stats. Whew!

  4. I am still receiving Amy,think you are good!

  5. I still got your email notification, you can’t get rid of me with that pathetic excuse.

  6. You’ve still reached me!!

  7. Made it here!

  8. Amy, your blog reminds me of the days when my kids were teenagers. On weekends they would gather at the house of one of their friends, and it tended to be the same house week after week, year after year. I often wondered what combination of friendship, attitude of the parents, size of the house, location, amenities, ambience, made them come to this collective decision. I know they didn’t take a vote on it, but the decision was accepted nonetheless. It appears to me that your blog is becoming, or already has become, the gathering place of the stroke blogosphere. Will I be thrown out if I sneak in a bottle?

  9. that happened to me, too, but they are back now.

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