It was hard to take a selfie but here ya go……


My t-shirt says “the more people I meet, the more I like my schnauzer.”

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  1. I need one that says, ” the more people I meet, the more my Lowchen barks.”

    He’s in the doghouse – metaphorically speaking – for deafening me while a woman came to take wood to recycle into a chicken coop.

  2. P. S. you took a selfish without including your bangs!

  3. But the hair, the hair, the love of your life. We could even get side silhouettes which would be easier as a selfie than a back view.

  4. People don’t want to meet my German Shepherds! Actually, they are so tiny right now- they wouldn’t be much of a threat. But I prefer them to most people in general.

    What no bangs shot? Surely they’ve grown out some.

  5. Love dogs, cannot have one now, between my husband and my 23 months baby is more that I can handle right now. 😦

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