Soul Mate


Cassie my dog and I are both young stroke survivors.  WTF?  I always say that I haven’t found a guy yet to call my soul mate but this dog man, we’re soul mates.

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  1. Yep! Told ya: You don’t need a husband! He is sooooo cute.

  2. Well I found my soul mate but its me, damn thats narcissistic.

  3. You’re playing with us here, covering up your bangs again. We get to see Cassies. Arghh!

  4. As I told my ex when he got a female dog…you finally found a female who could love you in spite of you being you and would never divorce. He’s been married 6 times since our divorce and fixing to take the plunge again.
    They are loving, loyal, a protector, and a companion. Dogs are truly soul mates. Plus their messes are easier to clean up.

  5. As usual, Amy, Your post got me thinking. What is a soul mate? Turns out that there are several meanings depending on context, but the one I think that fits best here is “a close friend who totally understands you”. My cat Elsa – yes. My cat Grizzie – mostly. My husband – absolutely, but it’s complicated. I’ve had animal companions for most of my life – cats, dogs, gerbils, snakes – and one of my many gerbils (you always end up with many of them ) – Crick was his name – truly was a soul mate. He taught me that high intelligence and deep empathy can come in a very small package. I was working at home at the time, and he would bang his chew block against the side of his enclosure for “playtime” and “snack time” just when I needed to take a break. He was a real party animal and lightened my load. We really hung out together and I still miss him. Okay, a little weird, but true.

    • Aww! Your cats now probably wouldn’t like a gerbil in the house. You’ve had snakes??

      • I think the cats would love a gerbil to “play ” with. Yes, I’ve had snakes, garter snakes. My daughter won Leslie in a school raffle, then we got Fred, also from her school, because he was injured and malnourished, and we nursed him back to health. Feeding them live goldfish was a total pain, but watching them catch and eat the fish was interesting. Shedding was pretty wild too. You really haven’t lived until you have given a sick snake antibiotics twice a day for two weeks. Not much empathy or intelligence but fun nonetheless.

        • I said your cats probably wouldn’t like a gerbil but they’d probably LOVE a gerbil!!

          • They go crazy over dust bunnies (of which I have many) so I think a gerbil would drive them absolutely nuts! Do your dog and your cat get along?

            • They do get along, really really well. It’s super weird.

              • I’ve got cats, rabbits and chicken and soon to be two adorable German Shepherd pups, and they all get along. I can see it now…the cat chases the rabbit or chicken. The dog chases the cat. They will disappear under some cover and then the cat will chase dog will streak out chased by the cat, and all chased by the rabbit or chicken. That’s how my animals play now. It’s all the way they are raised.

                • It’s hard for a mother to admit this, but my girls really are kind of nasty. They are loving and affectionate with people they know, and no longer hiss at strangers without provocation, but they most definitely don’t have cuddly personalities. I could use the excuse that they were feral when we adopted them, but perhaps they are simply just like their mom. As Amy’s regular readers know, I am prone to hissing at strangers. I haven’t bitten or scratched in quite a while though, so maybe you guys are getting through to me.

                  • I’m a cymic so the idea of a human soul mate makes me retch! I’m not anti people, but it kills me when people say they married their best friednd or their soul mate. I love my bestie & I wouldn’t like that prson if I had to see them every bleeping day! It’s the same reason I wouldn’t move in with lifelong friends, I still want to like you in the years to come. Animals are just easier than people. Our neighbors have a posse of dogos who adopted us which is fine we love them, they know our cars & meet us in the carport with lots of love & jumping which I just LOVE! But they’re huge Labs & Lab Collie mixes which can be dangerous for someone with balance issues!But I take the risk cause they’re simple& they feed my spirit. They’re like toddlers they keep it simple.

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