High Blood Pressure

I took my dog for a walk last night and some lady on the street bent down to pet her.  As is par for the course, the lady said “aww why is your dog limping?”  So I told her she had a stroke 3.5 years ago and the lady says, trying to be funny….”well did she have high blood pressure?  That’s what causes strokes in humans.”  Oh lady on the street.  😦  But this lady didn’t think anything at all was wrong with the dog’s owner so that’s a good thing.


By the way…….


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  1. There are four things in this post that make me envy you:

    1. you can walk your dog.
    2. your disability is invisible.
    3. your strawberry-blond hair (that was my imagination filling in the visual of you encountering a stupid woman ).
    4. you know how to post pix in your blog.

  2. Wanna know what else might be TMI? After reading these comments that talk about your bustiness, Amy, I had to go back and check out the schnauzer photo. guilty. Both of my best friends/mentors have had breast reductions. I think I like people with big boobs. I must live vicariously through you guys…. And I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

    • This conversation is getting perilously close to a big vs small boob debate. Each has its disadvantages… And you don’t have a clue what it’s like unless you’ve experienced it. Yawn.

    • I know 3 other people that got a breast reduction around the same time I did. One of mt best friends, my roommate in colllege, and a 13 year old girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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