Parallel Parking

Don’t ever say that women can’t parallel park.  I have brain damage and I can do it perfectly…….


AND……………………………………………..just for laughs…………………………………..


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  1. I don’t even attempt to parallel park anymore.

  2. Re: the cat: A Schopenhauer cat!

  3. OMG. Today after therapy, I drove home. Our driveway has been full of crap -my brothwr’s truck, Tom’ car, building materials and our 2housemates’ cars, so I was figuring out where to park. There was a huge newly cleared area, so I aimed for that. Unfortunately, there was a large pile of painted trim boards in my path, and I drove them about 4 feet before stopping the car. Noisy, but I had no idea what I’d hit. I am horrified. Tom just laughed and said he was glad it was in our driveway that I made such an error.

  4. I’ve lived my whole life in NYC and so have never had a driver’s license. And now is not the time to try to get one. I really need to get back on the subway!

  5. I totally relate to the cat in the pic – is this a bad thing?

  6. Oh come on now, fess up. That car’s so small you got a couple of guys to pick it up and put it down there.

    • Lol no but what you don’t see in the picture is that there was no car behind me hahahahahahah!

      • Yes, that’s always easier. Funny thing is that in downtown Gloucester, where all parking is parallel, the handicap spots tend to be adjacent to side streets, etc so that there’s an empty space either in back or front. Brilliant!

  7. What are the steps to be able to drive after a stroke? Do you have to do some changes in the car? Driving test?
    Wow Amy you are good a parallel parking, I’m sure you always been good at it. I always avoid it. 😉

    • My driver’s license was never taken away although I know now that it should have been so when I was ready to drive again I just did. But I know there are tests and there are all kinds of adaptive things that you can do to cars.

    • The regulations governing driving after a stroke vary by state. In Kentucky, where I live, there is no mandatory reporting required of doctors, so the state doesn’t know you had a stroke unless you tell them, or someone else does.

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