Goodbye Dexter Morgan, goodbye forever.  😦  Your serial killing ways brought me a lot of joy in the last few years when I had VERY little to be joyful about.

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  1. Both Dexter and Daniel have that sly grin. Is that what it takes?

  2. What the flan? Who is dexter?

  3. Dexter is on my list of series to watch as are Breaking Bad and Homeland.

  4. I only watch PBS, never commercial television or even the cable channels. My favorite shows are Nova and Bill Moyers.

    • I watch football. Period.

      And sometimes the Sox or Bruins when they are in playoffs.

      • Mad Men is my number one. Love the design but also my father was the creative director at a Madison Avenue ad agency in the 1960’s so sometimes it gets a little creepy. I am exactly Sally Draper’s age, and London Fog was my father’s account. We had a lot of raincoats. Devotees of MM will know the episode in which London Fog appears. Don and Sal go to Baltimore to meet with the client. My father used to go to Baltimore too, which sounded impossibly exotic to me when I was a kid. Also True Blood, The Borgias, Game of Thrones, and Bones. As you can see, I’m okay with violence, blood, and gore. Dexter next for sure. Finally for you, Jim. I actually do watch the PBS News Hour (or rather listen to it while knitting since there are no visuals to speak of) and Washington Week (love Gwen Ifil). No sports. Don’t like sports except for the Olympics. Finally, HGTV to fall asleep at night (House Hunters International is my favorite – much better than Ambien and more predictable). Obviously I have no life.

  5. Okay, that was BS.

  6. My post, that is, not Barb’s. I watch a lot of football, too. And basketball, and soccer, and Bones, and Mentalist, and American Greed, etc., etc.

    • Yes, I think that was clear – since you have absolutely no idea what I watch. Or DO you? Can you read my email too? 🙂

      • Ok I’m going to confess something. I can’t believe I’m going to say this publicly. All of your opinions of me might change instantly with this confession. Seriously, all of the respect I’ve garnered in the last year might be completely nullified with this one statement……I’m addicted to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’m so ashamed, so very ashamed. 😦

        • I could have sworn that I just saw a flock of pigs fly over my house.

        • But honest! And humble. Being honest and humble are among the most admirable characteristics.

          • I keep trying to be funny and not succeeding. I was trying to say that I thought that when Amy liked the Kardashians that’s when pigs would fly. Pretty dumb. I must have lost my sense of humor with the stroke. I’ll be quiet now. But let me add that I never watched Dexter, or Mad Men, or White Collar, but I did love the Sopranos

            • Ah ok lol glad you clarified I was confused!!!!

            • Hey, Jim, you were successful – I got it and thought it was funny, but I posted my comment before I saw yours. BTW, we’re ALL funny, or amusing, in our own quirky ways. I never saw the Sopranos, but wondered how people could enjoy despicable characters. Dexter’s okay – I get murdering on principal (correct?), but not for gain (correct?). The whole K thing was long over before I had an inkling – and I still don’t, but am bummed because I fell in love with Bruce Jenner long ago; mostly because he was running for his sister who had died of cancer. Does that paragraph make any sense?

  7. Amy I tried Dexter & just couldn’t make it work. I must disagree with you the best show EVER was The Sopranos, I got my dad hooked long after the show was over! What is it about psychopaths? Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s’ll find another gripping strangely attractive show. Until 2014 imaddicted to the NFL only, as I wait for the Mad Men finale it’s really not so bad as I wanted to be a sports reporter before this stroke ruined my voice.

    • Whenever people disagree with me about Dexter being the best show ever, they always say no Sopranos was the best show ever. I never watched The Sopranos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amy, my only exposure to Dexter was when my daughter got her boyfriend and herself matching Dexter mugs. They were innocently B&W until hot coffee went in; then dripping red blood appeared on the outside.
    She was disappointed when the dishwasher ruined the red effect. What did she expect from “merchandising, merchandising”?

  9. No, no! The best show ever is White Collar. Soooo good! I have gotten so many people in to it. It’s on HULU plus now and season five is getting ready to start…hurry! go watch it. Zack had to go and get sick so we missed the entire fourth season (he’s so selfish ;-)…we are working on it now, though. Also, I was going to confess that I like reality TV too. However, not the Kardashians. I keep it classy with stuff like Project Runway and America’s next top model. 😉 Oh! And the bachelorette/bachelor. I don’t tell many people that, though, because we are church folk/pastors. People judge. Wait. Does that mean that since Zack isn’t a working pastor anymore that I can start talking about the bachelorette in public? Yes. Freedom!

  10. Dexter is my second favorite show and I’ll definitely miss it! I’m still upset that my favorite show, Nip/Tuck, ended 3.5 years ago. I’ve never seen an episode of The Sopranos either. I’d require nausea medication were I to watch even a single episode of Keeping Up with The Khardashians.

    • It makes me nauseous too, yet I continue to watch. Why do I do that?

      • It’s like driving by a horrific car accident… You just can’t look the other way. 😛 I attempted an episode of The Jersey Shore a few years ago and couldn’t do it. I was getting entertainment out of other people’s stupidity. It felt wrong. Never seen the Kardashians though.

  11. Now that we are all revealing the perversity deep within us all, this is mine – Dancing with the Stars.

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