When you have surgery on your rotator cuff or hip, there is usually a protocol that your physical therapist gets that says stuff like “the patient should have this much range of motion by this day.”  It’ll say stuff like when the patient can start to put weight on the extremity and what exercises can be performed.  Well that makes it easy.  I used to love it when I would get a protocol because I didn’t have to think.  There is no protocol that comes with stroke patients.  Not only is there no protocol, no one knows ANYTHING.  Recovering from a stroke is a ton of trial and error.  Dean always says he hates it when doctors and researchers say “every stroke is different.”  He should be angry at that.  Every stroke is not different.  A stroke is a stroke.  What should be said is that “every stroke produces different effects and every stroke will cause the patient to have to work on different things.”  But every stroke is the same.  It’s all brain damage.  So stroke researchers, get on the ball and figure out how to produce recovery in the brain.

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  1. Yes, every stroke is the same because we each have to develop our own exercise program, and adjust to our own recovery speed. Funny that “recovery” and “speed” made it into the same sentence.

  2. I’m angry at everything in the stroke world. You are getting to sound like me except for the bold red 36 point font.

  3. It angers me to hear that too. There have been more than enough strokes globally to have some idea how to fix protocols. Extent and location of the stroke may be different in each case to set some sort of base line.

    It’s a cap out. It’s not the perfect response…the perfect response is “I DON’T KNOW” and my response is “WHY DON’T YOU KNOW?” I understand it is a gray area. Pun intended. Haven’t enough people had strokes? I mean there are what 3 Million new strokes occurring a year times centuries? Shouldn’t we be past the stage of trial and error? I feel like more of a guinea pig than my husband whose cancer is one of 6,000 cases documented globally with maybe 2 or 3 added to the mix yearly. Somehow the numbers and research don’t add up.

    And Dean, I’m reaching the stage of red 36 point fonts.

  4. Amen….Amy!

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