On Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing their game against the Vikings in London. Apparently the NFL wants there to eventually be a football team in London. Ummm, does anyone else think that this is incredibly stupid? It’s called the NATIONAL football league. Not the NFL plus oh yeah London too.

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  1. If I followed football at all my former team(Vikings) would stomp all over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  2. I think those egotistical powers-that-be in the NFL are tired of those Brits usurping the name “football” for that silly little sport named “soccer.” Also, similar problem with NHL.

  3. I grew up thinking soccer as football. Now Rugby, that’s closer to American football but more violent. Anyone for a WFL (World football league) because NFL wants a piece of the world. Think of the World Cup in soccer-big money to had globally. But yeah, it’s dumb.

  4. It’s obviously cheating either the Steeler or Viking fans out of a home game. Seems like a bad idea from all viewpoints.

  5. If you would like my job Barb – it’s yours! You can deal with the egos and crazies! Actually, it is a great job. I have no idea how I ended up doing this.

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