Month: October 2013

World Stroke Day

Yesterday was World Stroke Day and a bunch of stroke bloggers did some kind of post on their blog about something having to do with strokes.  I did a post about it being National Cat Day.  Oops.  Oh well, I… Read More ›

National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day.  I spend a lot of time talking about my dog but I also have a cat.  I love the hell out of my cat.  My cat’s name is Kitty and here’s why…..A few months before… Read More ›


Barb told me that she has developed a real aversion to germs since her stroke and she wasn’t like that pre-stroke.  My friend told me that pre-stroke she loved salty snacks and didn’t like sweets.  Now, post-stroke it’s the opposite. … Read More ›

Muscle Action

A muscle has to complete its full action.  Everyone thinks of the biceps as the muscle that bends the elbow. But part of its job is also to supinate the hand(turn the palm upward).  If you turn the palm down… Read More ›

Goodbye Duck

My one and only reason for wanting to remain in Pittsburgh is gone.  I’m back to wanting to get the hell out of this town….Thank you Victoria for the picture and link.  🙂 The duck leaving has created an epidemic… Read More ›


My life was devastated.  That happened to ME and ME alone.  A lot of other people’s lives were greatly affected by what happened to me but the actual trauma – that was mine and only mine.  It didn’t happen to… Read More ›

Cheer Up

I need some cheering up right now.  I don’t know why a cat with a permanent frown on its face makes me laugh so much but it does.  Here…….these pictures cheered me up……

Speech Therapy

I had dinner with a friend tonight who brought along another friend.  This friend of my friend’s happens to be a speech therapist.  She knows that I had a stroke and was asking me some questions.  I explained my anger at my… Read More ›

Spam Folder

For everyone that has a blog……Do you ever check your spam folder?  There’s some funny stuff in there.  I check it every few weeks because a couple of times comments were erroneously marked as spam so were not published.  I… Read More ›


I had lunch with Dean a few weeks ago and he told me that he never experienced dizziness after his stroke.  I was shocked by that.  I had it so bad that I used to not be able to lie down… Read More ›


You know the phrase “you have to pick your battles?”  That is a huge, gross, enormous, gigantic understatement.  Take it from me, most fights – so not worth fighting. I mean it, Dean.  I’m gonna go live in a cave.