Last night I received an email from a woman whose doctor advised her to take Neuroaid.  That makes me nauseous.  As if I haven’t vomited enough in the last 2.5 years.  Neuroaid is a scam.  Peter hates it.  But I’m used to doctors giving absolutely terrible awful advice so the nauseousness subsided and didn’t actually make me puke.  Look, I am a HUGE advocate of Eastern Medicine and do a lot of it.  But I know how to figure out what will help and what won’t.  Meditation – works.  Neuroaid – won’t work.  There’s a buttload of research supporting the effectiveness of meditation.  There is zero research to support the use of Neuroaid.  The first year after my stroke I read up on every pill and supplement that exists hoping to find some miracle drug that would recover me.  It doesn’t exist.  Believe me, I would know.  Dean has some research that says that the SSRI antidepressants will HELP neuroplasticity but they sure as hell won’t do it for you.  The only way to recover from a stroke is time and hard work.

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  1. The first thing I thought of when I read this post’s title was: “Neuroaid? Sounds like adult Koolaid!”

  2. It’s old thinking to say that “this lobe, that lobe….” It does not matter where in the brain the stroke occurred.

  3. Amen to your comment about time and hard work. Meditation too.

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