Keratin Treatment

I just got a keratin treatment on my hair.  I get one every 3 months or so.  It’s basically the opposite of a perm – it makes curly hair straight.  I can’t get my hair wet for 72 hours so you probably don’t wanna hang out with me in the next 3 days.  So I was sitting in the chair for a couple of hours talking to the stylist who had no clue about my stroke.  She asked me if I’m working right now and I said “yes I’m a physical therapist downtown.”  (LIE)  And for all 2 hours she had no idea.  I thought I was gonna get away scott free but as I was checking out she handed me a form and said “can you fill this out for me?”  Damn, so close.

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  1. I’m so envious! My docs insist I not put my head in a shampoo bowl ever again (thanks to my artery dissection). My stylist says I can lean forward and bend over to put my head in the bowl but I’m not quite balanced enough for that yet. Meanwhile, I’m stuck with unruly curly hair. Good for you, Amy. If yours is like mine, the keratin treatments make a world of difference.

  2. Why in the world is it called scott free? I’m a Scott and I ain’t got nuthin’ free in my entire life!!! Wait, Costco samples are free, so I can’t nuthin’. They’re pretty good.

  3. Amy, the thing about lies is there is always something that trips you up.

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