More Laughs….

I had a bowl of cereal earlier and in my box of Golden Grahams was a Star Wars Pen.


I guess the Golden Grahams people don’t know that they’re giving out pens to people who can’t write!  Ok, I CAN write, just not well, and definitely not with Star Wars pens.  My mom saw it still in its packaging and said “what’s this?” and I replied “it came in the box of Golden Grahams” and she said “a statue of Jesus came in your cereal?”



Categories: Miscellaneous

10 replies

  1. TOO funny! That’s priceless 😀

  2. Looks like something you might put on the dashboard of your car.

  3. Tell your mom it’s the new and improved Jesus Christ speaking softly and carry a light saber powered by the Holy Spirit. Oh, this minister is going to hell for that thought. That’s what I get for coming in here instead of going to bed after taking my baclofen, zanaflex, and valium.

  4. She’s RIGHT … It DOES look like Jesus. Maybe you should suggest that to General Mills, or whomever. Great evangelizing approach.

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