The city of Pittsburgh is exploding right now so I thought I would pay a little tribute to it.  All the awesomeness that’s happening right now may end tomorrow night if our baseball team loses so I had to write this today.  It’s kinda fun to say I’m from Pittsburgh right now.  Ok, first of all, there’s a giant rubber duck hanging out downtown.  It’s not everyday that you can go into the city and see a 40 foot rubber duck so that’s pretty cool.  Also, there was a Bigfoot sighting a couple of hours away.  I don’t think anyone cares about this at all in Pittsburgh but I’m kind of obsessed with Bigfoot.  We need a sign like this……………..This is an actual picture that my friend took this morning in Michigan……………….


But the biggest reason that Pittsburgh is about to blow up is because the Pittsburgh Pirates, our baseball team, is in the playoffs for the first time in 21 years.  Now, I could give a shit about this because I don’t care about sports but the majority of Pittsburgh people are INSANELY excited about this.  Some guy was so excited a few games ago that he jumped off a bridge.  Not to hurt himself, cause he was crazy with excitement.  Until then I thought jumping off of bridges was only good for committing suicide, guess not.  Last year, the Pittsburgh Pirates were the LOSINGEST team in ANY SPORT EVER.  This year they’re in the playoffs.  This is similar to saying to a stroke survivor that you will never reach full recovery.  I certainly never thought I’d see the day that the Pirates are in the playoffs, I guess anything is possible….


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  1. Bigfoot comes from Humboldt County. He was named Bigfoot by the newspaper here and that famous footage was filmed near Willow Creek, also in Humboldt County. Yawn–Bigfoot Shmigfoot, who cares? Now that giant rubber duck, that’s way cool! You can have the walking hairball, I wanna big duck.

  2. Be careful of those hormonal surges you may scare Daniel Tosh away.
    Some researchers have found that fervent fans become so tied to their teams that they experience hormonal surges and other physiological changes while watching games, much as the athletes do.

    The self-esteem of some male and female fans also rises and falls with a game’s outcome, with losses affecting their optimism about everything from getting a date to winning at darts, one study showed.

  3. I missed this when you first posted it, but here goes:

    Na na na-na-na – I’m from Boston!!

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