If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Ain’t that the truth.  When I was a PT, shoulders were my favorite thing to treat.  They were super easy to treat and once you lose function in your arm then regain it – that’s pretty cool.  Stroke survivors certainly know this.  We know it quite well.  Anyway, I’m starting to forget certain things that I used to do – at work.  But the good news is that if I ever do that kind of work again, I’ll pick it back up in no time.  Coming out of school, shoulders were my least favorite thing to treat, I was afraid of them.  But after like a year and a half, I loved ’em.  But yeah I’m starting to forget stuff.  😦  But you know what I’ve learned a whole hell of a lot more than I’ve forgotten.  For strong shoulders……..

Do this first

Then these

And these

And these

And these

As with everything, POSTURE!!

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  1. Ok, I’ll play stupoid. What is Bil in this?
    Shoulder Protract Bil Supine.
    I’m assuming it doesn’t mean brother-in-law.

  2. I would if I could do some of these. My arm doesn’t move enough for some of them. I wish.

  3. Damn straight you’ve learned a whole hell of a lot! I, for one, hope you do go back into therapy, because that means we’ll have one of our own in the practice. Therapists!!! Don’t get me started— Thanks for the exercises. My winged scapula’s sticking out like a fish fin again.

  4. what do you think about shoulder bracing? is there 1you recommend? Also have been inspired to start KY. I go out to a class once a week. I just stretch and breathe during the standing postures. I do a DVD at home 3 x weekly and am able to do more asanas now than when I started 5 weeks ago. Amazing!! Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Yay OMG that’s so awesome that you’re doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Shoulder braces – my initial reaction would be to say no don’t use a shoulder brace. I never had a patient get one so I don’t have a recommendation. What do you think you need a shoulder brace for?

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