End Feel

My cousin is having some shoulder issues and emailed me for any advice I could give.  She said that she’s getting stronger but she can’t actively complete her full range of motion by herself.  That’s ok, she will.  But for right now, those motions must be performed passively until she can do it on her own.  This is incredibly important because if the arm is not taken through those ranges every day, the muscles will shorten and she will permanently lose that range of motion.  Passive range of motion is easy.  This is what I told her to do.  The first 2 minutes of that video are really boring and you don’t have to watch.  In the video, the guys says to stop moving the arm when you feel a stretch.  This is called end feel.  Whenever you’re passively moving something and you get to the end of range of motion and feel resistance, that’s called the end feel.  There are all kinds of different end feels.  With muscles, you’ll have a springy end feel.  This happens when you’re stretching soft tissues and there is a little give at the end.  A bony end feel is what it sounds like.  Bone on bone.  An example of this is the elbow.  When straightening out the elbow (if full range of motion is there) the motion is stopped because the forearm bone runs into the humerus.  There are more end feels.

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  1. But there was no ticklish end feel. I’m disappointed.

  2. I’ve never heard the term end feel, but I’ve felt it. Glad to know it has a name.

  3. And depending on the end feel pushing through it may or may not get her the motion. If its a painful end feel you need to figure out why and if its muscular it may be the muscles stopping you actively before pain is experienced as the body is going into protect mode.

  4. When I would stretch before dance class, I was always pushing through the end feel to get more and more flexibility. I would push to the point of pain which probably isn’t a good idea if you’re injured, but I did find that breathing into the stretch allowed the muscle to release. The release would happen on the exhale. Have you felt this or is this my idiosyncratic thing?

    • No oh yeah definitely the exhale brings about the release, I totally agree! This is not something they teach in school, I learned that in yoga.

    • I probably would, but I don’t feel quite ready for the breath work yet. I get lightheaded just doing Pilates breathing sometimes (inhale on the preparation, exhale when you move). My yoga right now is limited to the occasional sphinx, but I’d really like to do more. I’ve heard tai chi is really good too.

      • Ah yeah, if you’re getting lightheaded just doing that you’re not ready for KY probably. I took a tai chi class, I liked it but they taught nothing about the breath and movement which I didn’t like.

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