Every person that I know that has had a stroke has an issue with sweating.  Everyone.  My issue, it’s not so much an issue anymore but still is a little bit, is that I would sweat WAY, WAY more on my affected side.  Like I said it doesn’t really happen anymore but Oh my God it used to be bad.  And it was gross too.  The sweat that my right hand produced was different, it was a darker color.  It was weird and freaked me out.  I think that hyperhidrosis(sweating too much) is more common after a stroke but I know some people who have the opposite problem – they don’t sweat as much on their affected side! (Hypohidrosis?)  Is that a condition?  I don’t know.  Barb asked me if I knew why this happened and I don’t know!  I mean all I could say is that the nervous system is messed up.  So the nervous system being funky would cause the sweat glands to act weird producing sweat problems.  But I don’t know exactly how this leads to an increase/decrease in sweating.

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  1. Ha! Try dealing with not only the extra sweating after a stroke, but going thru hot flashes at the same time! I am so sick of sweating……………..

  2. I’m not sure this actually answers it, but it’s ABOUT the topic (Mr. Google and I are tight):


  3. But isn’t all that sweat good for sensation? You can track the feeling of it running down your back or armpits

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