Directional Preference

If you go see a doctor or physical therapist for back pain and they tell you to do this, RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  Well, if you’ve had a stroke, WALK THE OTHER DIRECTION AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  These are called Williams’ Flexion Exercises and they should be outlawed.  My PCP has a form for back pain with these exercises in his treatment rooms and it makes me crazy, but no one thinks I know anything when I speak so I keep my mouth shut.  Back pain frequently is going to respond to a certain direction, sometimes that is flexion as in these exercises but much more often it’s extension(bending backwards).  It’s called directional preference.  If your doctor hands you a generic form with exercises like this on it without thoroughly evaluating you and seeing how your pain responds to movement and direction, go elsewhere.  Disclaimer: I had a stroke and my brain is all f’ed up, don’t listen to me.

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  1. But we like your brain, please keep using it.


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