Someone made a point yesterday that was really profound and true.  If I hadn’t gone to school for physical therapy, and if I hadn’t been trained to do research for medical stuff a certain way I wouldn’t have found my meditation practice.  When I was 9 months out of my stroke, I was desperately searching on the internet for something that could help to get me out of the HELL that I was in.  The doctors weren’t helping me.  So I knew how to find credible research and I kept getting results for KY on  This is what I was taught to use in PT school.  I have no clue what I searched for.  I can’t remember, but this stuff works, it gets results, the research says so.  However, if you choose to practice this also be very cautious when choosing a teacher.

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  1. And why the hell do survivors have to do research to figure out how to recover? FUBAR, SNAFU, BOHICA, BUNDY in spades. He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

  2. I’ve looked into it up here, but can find only the Kirapu (sp?) center in western MA, about 3 hours from here. Other than skyping, are there resources out there? Books, video,etc?

    • Confusing, did you say? Understatement. How about mind-blowingly BIG, knock you dead in your tracks POWERFUL!!!!!!! I’ve been trying it for the last two weeks. Humboldt County is lacking in instructors, and Youtube has endless videos, so I’ve been spending about 45 min. a day on it learning mantras, warm-ups, and learning a few of the exercise sets (kriyas). Then another 45 min. on background and philosophy. KY is deeply spiritual in everything it does. Amy is right about the breathing. My breath of fire still looks like a massive heart attack. All the video instructors say just do the best you can, and believe me, that’s what I’ve done with everything. Although it’s very flexible for beginners (DVD’s are good for that), beware that to experience anywhere near its full flavor its learning curve looks to be long. And you might experience one or two odd detox things along the way, not scary, but new. I’m going to keep at it. There’s no way I’m going to miss this.

      • Scott….that comment is beyond awesome. The Breath of Fire literally makes me high now. My teacher always says you get to a point with this stuff that it makes you high and that’s why all of us teachers keep doing it. She WAS NOT kidding. I feel loopy after my lessons and all I’m doing is breathing!

        • Thank you Amy, it’s wonderful—and an adventure!!! By the way, one video said after Breath of Fire you can kiss caffeine goodbye. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day, I’m looking forward to giving Starbucks the boot!

        • I hear ya! I love that feeling. People pay big money for that feeling! lol Although, tonight while we were driving home from Zack’s neurologist appt. (it went great!) I was practicing and after a little bit decided that breath work and driving do not mix. The combination of the relaxed feeling and the loopiness was not kosher for the road! haha

  3. I am so grateful for your research. KY has helped me as well. Does it actually encourage neuroplasticity? I know it makes me feel better. My foot is less turned in and my arm can reach forward now. Small gains but perceivable and I will celebrate any forward progress! Thank you

    • Yes it encourages neuroplasticity. Because meditation and breathwork heal the brain so you’re working on the brain directly. When you’re in PT and OT you’re not working on the brain directly.

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