I had lunch with Dean a few weeks ago and he told me that he never experienced dizziness after his stroke.  I was shocked by that.  I had it so bad that I used to not be able to lie down on my back without a pillow supporting my head.  If I tried to lay down without my head being up at a little bit of an angle I would puke.  I thought this was just a given for a stroke survivor – some degree of dizziness.  But I guess not.  The person that I mentioned above had a very interesting article on his blog about dancers and their brains having adapted and not getting dizzy due to all the spinning.  I think I need to take dancing lessons.  Now THAT would be funny.  I’ll incorporate dancing into my singing lessons, it would be a riot.  I would probably get famous if I taped that and put it on YouTube.

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  1. Did Dean have a cerebellar stroke?

  2. I had horrible vertigo for about six weeks. It literally took me about thirty minutes to get out of bed because doing so made me sick. Lying down wasn’t any easier and forget about riding in a car! I think you should take dance lessons, maybe tap/jazz and do a road show, lol. Train your doggie to do some moves too and you’ll be a hit! 😉

  3. No, dizziness hasn’t been a problem for me. Maybe due to my training, maybe not. Who knows? Regardless, I think dance classes are a great way to rehab and I look forward to someday returning to ballet class, in a limited capacity for sure, but back in class nonetheless. I use my dance training in rehab all the time. In particular one of my teachers, perhaps the most influential, would give these wickedly fast combinations ( a series of dance steps) that were intimidating at first, but he always said “if you can say it you can dance it.” That’s how I stated walking again… “right foot, cane, left foot” over and over and over again until I was moving forward. Then, when you could finally do the combination, he’d get a big grin on his face and he’d say “okay, now reverse it.” RIP Mr. Andros. I’ll never forget what you taught me. If I can say it I can dance it. If I can say it I will dance it.

    • Very very cool. What other aspects of your dance training do you use in rehab?

      • Lots of stretching and Pilates exercises for core strength. I also do some ballet barre exercises like plies and releves. And I do porte de bras for arm strength and range of motion. Being able to work hard through fatigue and discomfort – I learned this from dance training, but any athlete can do this. I’m thinking of trying some mental practice but I’m not sure where to start. Dance training isn’t doing anything for my fingers unfortunately. The musicians have the advantage there.

        • That’s true Julia, Zack was a pretty accomplished guitarist, and also played the drums and some piano. Tonight he rolled up to the piano and I had to look twice, he was so much quicker than even the last time I heard him play…maybe last week…and it sounded like music. His fingers are remembering. Very cool. I have always loved to watch ballerinas dancing. You guys are a phenomenon. Super beautiful and the discipline is amazing. I am sure that discipline comes in handy these days.

  4. This was Zack’s first symptom. Damn how I wish that I previously knew dizziness is common in neurological conditions. He still gets a little dizzy if he lays back too quickly. But does not deal with the dizziness non stop. Thank God. That was the first symptom that left and we were pretty grateful. 3 months of vomiting because of dizziness is 3 months too long.

    • I know vomiting from dizziness all too well. Thank God it went away for both me and Zack.
      Hey Brooke a few posts ago you said that you were sad that your daughter will never get to know her father like he was. Yes she will, she’ll get to know him.

      • Thank you, friend. I needed that. And I need to hear what you have to say. He’s coming back. Little by little. These last few weeks have been some good ones. He recently told me he wants to do the budget…he was hardcore about the budget, and super good at it too. He has also been giving Charley directions more, I am proud of him for stepping out. I know he isn’t confident, but it is getting better. Little by little.

  5. The only thing that made me dizzy was if I was standing and twisted suddenly at my waist; so dizzy that I fell. Never got hurt. So I stopped doing it. Brilliant solution, right?

    • Haha yeah, I remember when I was a teenager I was having a problem with my stomach and I told the pediatrician that it doesn’t hurt but if I press on this one spot it hurts really bad. He said “well stop pressing there.”

  6. I conquered my dizziness, not drug induced, and balance issues a short time after my stroke. When I say short time I mean in a couple of months.
    Now they are back with a vengeance and I wonder if I may have had another stroke.

    • Jo, do you have any other symptoms to indicate a second stroke? Will your insurance pay for more PT if you have a new diagnosis? For all that a PT can do, but maybe you’ll run into an Amy.

    • Oh my gosh, yes any other symptoms?

    • Jo, any other stroke symptoms?

      • Sorry guys, been quite busy at this end arranging for hospice care. No headache or rise in blood pressure just like last time. As for other symptoms…I’m more clumsy, my left side (unaffected) seems slightly impaired and delayed in response. Not like a total paralysis. Just takes a little longer to get it to do what I want it to do almost like Parkensonian response. I’ve even fallen a couple of times even though I’m very careful. My confusion factor is way up there as is expressing my thoughts. But then it could be a side effect of the added stress I’m under right now.
        As far as PT goes, nope. Insurance is based on so many sessions per year in a nonhospital setting plus I still have a few left for this year. My PTs and OTs are excellent or they wouldn’t be my therapists. They aren’t stuck in dogma and open to new ideas. They consider themselves as still learning even through they have spent years in the field.
        Right now, I don’t have a free moment to get it checked out. If it was another small stroke there is nothing anybody can do. What’s done is done and I’ll clean up the mess later.

    • Jo! we’re worried about you. Praying now!

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