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For everyone that has a blog……Do you ever check your spam folder?  There’s some funny stuff in there.  I check it every few weeks because a couple of times comments were erroneously marked as spam so were not published.  I just checked it and was cracking up!  🙂

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  1. Don’t leave us hanging, publish yours. Its not fair to not share.

    • Well, most of them are written in broken English like those spam emails you get from Nigeria saying saying someone has an inheritance that he can’t claim but you can have it if you just give 50,000 dollars first. Then some are written in Chinese or something, it’s just a bunch of characters, then one just said “yaBB” WTF?

  2. Yep, I check mine all the time. What is hilarious, before I limited the access to my blog, I posted about spams and about how spammers never read the blog posts they are spamming. The first comment I got was a spam.

  3. Geez, I’m going to absolutely hate asking this question. It’s not about spam but about KY. Here it goes: my midsection area has seen its share of overindulgence and, well, there’s no damn easy way of saying this—I’m overweight. But I’m working on it! Could this be why my Breath of Fire isn’t improving? All I feel is abdominally sore all the time. Thanks.

    • It’s soooooooooooo totally normal to feel sore in your abs from this. I still get sore sometimes. My first question – are you sure you’re doing Breath of Fire correctly? Someone as disciplined as you certainly probably doesn’t need ongoing lessons but maybe just one initially to make sure the form is right?

      • A session would be really terrific, thank you. I’m pretty sure my Breath of Fire is okay when I’m rested. I imagine a bellows in my stomach working in short, sharp movements, and I think my rhythm is good and even. The problem is that it’s so short. An open mouth dog pant extends it, but I think I should be using my nose. In about a minute, however, my abdominal muscles get tired and sore and my rhythm gets thrown off. Right now I’m just trying to do the warm-ups and a short wake up series every day, plus practicing the Breath of Fire by itself. The wake up series was the easiest set I could find, but since the exercises there require some abdominal strength by themselves, I think I need to get the Breath of Fire down pat before I can continue. Thanks again, Amy, I really appreciate your help.

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