Cheer Up

I need some cheering up right now.  I don’t know why a cat with a permanent frown on its face makes me laugh so much but it does.  Here…….these pictures cheered me up……



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20 replies

  1. LOL! Poor thing would have a complex if it were mine! I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked at it. 🙀

  2. My first laugh of the day (i watched the Pats game). You can cheer US up. Why doesn’t it work for you?

  3. If you think you need cheering up, check out Henri, a French cat suffering with what is clearly a major depression by all DSM criteria:

  4. I like happy puppy pictures personally.
    My daughter has a cat with a bad attitude. I get to watch the cat for 8 months soon while she is away. I am the one that will wind up looking like grumpy cat!

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