11 months after a stroke any more recovery

There was a search term on my stats page that said “11 months after a stroke any more recovery.”  I just wanted to tell whoever wrote that – Good God yes, A LOT more recovery, A LOT.  You’re a baby in the stroke recovery process, literally.

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  1. I hope they see your post! 😃 You should share with us some of the comical search phrases.

  2. Good god, where did this person ever come up with an idea like this? I mean, even doctors say you’ve got at least eighteen months—and they’re idiots!!!

    • My idiot said 2 years, then took it back at my year and a half check up. At a year and a half he said my recovery was over and I need to deal with the mental effects now. Wait til you see me again, idiot.

  3. I forget that she’s not even 2 years out…..

  4. I’m almost 18 months out and praying there is a lot of recovery to come.

  5. It took 5 years for me to try to bicycle and 2.5 years after to accomplish it successfully. Chainsawing was done in year 7. I’m sure i’ll come up with something even more stupid.

    • ^^ I cannot tell you how encouraging this kind of thing is to hear. This is my mantra: it gets better, it gets better, it keeps getting better. Now I just need that on repeat over, and over, and over…and…

      The unknown is just so scary.

      • I know, the unknown is incredibly scary. It gets WAY WAY WAY better.
        Brooke do you know if Castleman’s is a progressive illness? Could he get sick again (I mean, we all could get sick again.) But strokes are non-progressive. Do they think this was a one time thing?

        • Yep! One time thing! Not progressive. It actually is a great prognosis. I guess anything ia possible, though. If only his stinkin brain didn’t have to sweep because of it. Ya know, one minor detail. 😛 and of course it’s never been recorded to cause that kind of reaction before. So, Zack is making medical history. People are writing medical literature about his condition. This is not the kind of unique I would wish upon my worst enemy.

    • Chainsawing…that is one I have not thought of for the bucket list….I saw an electric chainsaw in the store the other day….I could learn to carve and make $$

  6. I am about to celebrate 3years in December….I just keep getting better. 🙂 This past year I’ve seen huge improvements since year 2. My idiot doctors told me 6months to a year….they were complely wrong!! I can’t wait to see what year 4 has in store.

  7. All of you are spot-on. The general consensus among my idiots was most recovery by 6 months. 4 years later, I’m pushing along. The hardest thing for me, I think, is working so hard when I don’t know my final destination or WHEN I’ll get there.

    Dean, there’s always water- skiing, snowboarding and rock-climbing. Welding, glassblowing, etc.

  8. My daughter continues to improve four years later.

  9. Like Peter Levine says in Stronger After Stroke, the extent of recovery is in the hands of the stroke survivor. There simply is no stop to recovery if the survivor works hard enough. The brain always learns.

    • I agree 100%. It’s not over til you decide it’s over. If you get tired, bored working on it…done. If you stick with it and find creative ways that captivate your interest and always present a challenge, you will continue to improve. That’s why those in the know always say to “do what you love”, it feels less like the hard work of rehab when ur doing what you love.

  10. Once again, add me to the list of those seeing really noticeable gains almost 2.5 years after my episode! I’m getting better with using my quad cane. That’s much better than I was doing when my old therapist said I’d plateaued a year ago!Can I help it if she ran out of ideas!?

  11. Never give up. NEVER EVER stop working towards improvement.
    At six years out I could finally “run” (not pretty), but I could run five light posts without falling down. At ten years out, I jumped the rope forty times. At eleven months out, it was still doubtful I would ever walk again without my AFO and crutch cane. Never give up.

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