Barb told me that she has developed a real aversion to germs since her stroke and she wasn’t like that pre-stroke.  My friend told me that pre-stroke she loved salty snacks and didn’t like sweets.  Now, post-stroke it’s the opposite.  Now, she loves sweets and doesn’t like salty snacks.  I don’t think anything like this changed for me.  All of my taste buds seem to crave the same things and my pet peeves are pretty much all the same.  I think.  Maybe other people in my life would tell you otherwise.  The best thing that I was ever told by a neurologist is that I have a different brain now than I had before the stroke.  Everything else that I was told by a neurologist – well, sigh.  So, I guess changes like this are attributable to us having a different brain now.

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  1. I’m no Howard Hughes now, just won’t eat things that fell onto the counter or table or put my food on a possibly contaminated napkin or paper bag. You know how when you get a pastry at Starbucks and people pull it out, spread the bag on the table and put the pastry on top? Ick, ick, ick. And I push an automatic door plate with the out side of my fist, like I’m punching it, but pushing, not jabbing. Anyone else?

    • I’m with you Barb, but that is nothing new for me. Microbiology changed me forever. Bleach became my cleaner of choice and has stayed that way. My son is only 4 and will tell you all about washing hands, don’t touch ur face, and use a paper towel to open the public restroom door….cuz there are “yucky germs” everywhere…..poor kid. 😉 I am more relaxed about most things with my “new brain”, but not germs. I can’t afford to get sick. Getting even a little cold zaps all the little energy I have.

  2. Amy: Jay too…I have had this hacking cough and cold around him…his family has colds and he sits outside and smokes in cold weather.. but he seems to avoid the germs…which is a good thing…and he use to be so shy now he is like rodney dangerfield. plus the sweets did take over a bit but he watches so and exercises more than most. we are going to walk the mall today…hope this finds you well..

  3. Amy, Like you I haven’t noticed any change except for hot sauce. Before my stroke hot wings and such couldn’t be too hot-now they cause esophageal spasms. I still want the heat but my throat can’t handle it. Germs have always bothered me but not to excess.

  4. I didn’t eat for 10 months because nothing tasted tasted like I had remembered…..lived on ensure….had acupuncture and started craving bean soup. Slowly started eating and everything is tasting ok except for pasta.

  5. Well….I wouldn’t say ‘good.’

    • I couldn’t eat for weeks, and lost a lot of weight. I was throwing up constantly and not able to chew since they cut my jaw muscle for surgery. I too lived on ensure and later smoothies. I wouldn’t say Ensure tasted great, but as a former Abbott rep., I knew I was getting the nutrition I needed while I was too sick to eat.

      • It’s perfect nutrition. Well maybe not perfect. For the brain surgery they cut your jaw muscle?

        • Yep, they cut the temporalis soooo painful. They had to split my brain along the sylvian fissure to access my angioma which was in my right basal ganglia/caudate nucleus. It was a bad combo…massive pain, all messed up from the stroke, and dizzy/barfing from my eyes being all messed up. I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks and I was small to start. Glad those days are in the past!!

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