Month: November 2013

24 years

I’m reading a book thing right now that will be considered a continuing education course when I’m finished with it and take the online test.  Here’s a line from the book…………….  Am I allowed to put lines from the book… Read More ›


I got a mammogram this morning. My mom had breast cancer when she was 32 so my gynecologists all make me go get mammograms. The lady giving me my mammogram said “I’m impressed that you’re starting to get these early… Read More ›


There is a CRAPLOAD of misinformation out there. It’s kind of astounding. If you have a brain injury, you better figure out for YOURSELF the correct information and not blindly listen to everything your doctors tell you. This is all… Read More ›


Happy busiest going out night of the year everyone!  I hope later tonight you’re going out and partying it up just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve come to HATE the word ‘function.’  I started to read the manual of the continuing education… Read More ›


A search term today was “are headaches bad after a stroke?”  Are headaches ever good?  I had a hell of a battle with headaches after my stroke.  They were unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  They would… Read More ›


The first year, maybe 2 years after an injury like this you’re going to seriously contemplate checking out of this world.  I did.  I contemplated that a lot, probably everyday.  Don’t.  Those first couple of years, just stay alive.  The hell… Read More ›


This is a joke.  Seriously.  I don’t know if you can reblog something from Blogspot to WordPress so I just copied and pasted. The original links are here and here. Kaiser Permanente Receives Honor for Outstanding Heart Attack, Stroke Care The Right… Read More ›

Another Gray Hair

I think my post about finding a gray hair kinda started the frenzy of people commenting on my blog whatever the hell they want to and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it.  Well, I’m very sad to report… Read More ›

Mood Swings

After a brain injury, you’re gonna have VERY little control over your moods.  It’s indescribably better than it used to be but I still have problems with this.  Sometimes I’m a horrible bitch, sometimes I’m unbelievably mean.  But now I… Read More ›

Center of the Brain

Thanks for making me aware of this Dean.  Please go here and make a donation.  Their goal is exactly the kind of thing that I would like to be involved in. “Center of the Brain” is STARTING in San Diego,… Read More ›


Rehabbing stroke survivors needs to change.  Not just stroke survivors, people with any kind of brain issue.  Something needs to change.  I don’t know what yet but something needs to change.  I’m not happy with some of the care that… Read More ›

Continuing Education

In order to keep my PT license active, I have to do 30 CEUs every 2 years.  CEU = continuing education unit.  It’s good that they make us continue to educate ourselves.  I got the credits for Peter’s course.  That was good… Read More ›

Strength Training

When I started writing this blog, I wrote with an I don’t give a crap attitude.  I didn’t worry about hurting feelings – my feelings have been hurt A LOT.  I didn’t worry about offending anyone – I have been offended… Read More ›


This is really really orthopedic.  I heard on the radio this morning that Ryan Lochte tore his MCL.  If you don’t know who Ryan Lochte is email me about it because I’ll surely get sued for libel if I talk… Read More ›