Month: November 2013

24 years

I’m reading a book thing right now that will be considered a continuing education course when I’m finished with it and take the online test.  Here’s a line from the book…………….  Am I allowed to put lines from the book… Read More ›


I got a mammogram this morning. My mom had breast cancer when she was 32 so my gynecologists all make me go get mammograms. The lady giving me my mammogram said “I’m impressed that you’re starting to get these early… Read More ›


There is a CRAPLOAD of misinformation out there. It’s kind of astounding. If you have a brain injury, you better figure out for YOURSELF the correct information and not blindly listen to everything your doctors tell you. This is all… Read More ›


Happy busiest going out night of the year everyone!  I hope later tonight you’re going out and partying it up just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve come to HATE the word ‘function.’  I started to read the manual of the continuing education… Read More ›