Center of the Brain

Thanks for making me aware of this Dean.  Please go here and make a donation.  Their goal is exactly the kind of thing that I would like to be involved in.

“Center of the Brain” is STARTING in San Diego, though we intend to spread its services around the USA, and we foresee eventually offering, as soon as we are able, telemedical education, monitoring & consulting services globally. We have an extremely capable Board of Advisors. Moreover, all three members of the Board of Directors have survived serious brain injuries. I (President of the Board) myself had a massive hemorrhagic stroke almost 5 years ago. If you have no insurance, or you have run out of coverage, you are one of the people our upcoming 501(c)3 organization is designed to help. If you see that there is a tremendous need for medical help for serious brain injuries such as strokes and TBIs, and you can afford to make a donation of ANY size — even a dollar (seriously) — please do so. Getting many of initial donors — regardless how small the individual donations are — will be invaluable in connecting with large individual and institutional donors. Questions? Email me at, Skype me at billy.ethridge, or phone me at 760-632-1820. Donations:

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  1. Arghhhhh! Amy you’re making me lose my sense of futility of ever convincing others that I might know something. Stop that.

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