Another Gray Hair

I think my post about finding a gray hair kinda started the frenzy of people commenting on my blog whatever the hell they want to and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it.  Well, I’m very sad to report that I found another gray hair this morning.  This is not good, not good at all.  😦

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  1. I’ll be bad. Where was it? And did you pull it out?

  2. Amy, as a person quite a bit older than you…I am so over the grey thing. Now it’s about having a great hair stylist who makes magic every few weeks. These days it’s about people telling me that I’ve stopped the aging clock; which mostly has to do with getting more sleep than pre stroke. then, I truly burned the candle at both ends and worked 100 hours a week, which will certainly take a toll on your looks. These days I work 50 hours a week, which basically for me is a part time job! Everything is relative in life. I lost weight too which also improved my looks…if only I could wear the shoes I would like to, life would be pretty great. Generally, I don’t recommend having a stroke as a beauty treatment, but it worked for me. Marta

    • You worked 100 hours a week pre-stroke and post-stroke you work 50 hours a week????? Good lord! Yeah my stroke made me lose a bunch of weight and I do not recommend that as a method of weight loss!

    • Marta, I get the shoe issue. One very troubling think was the shoe solutions using my AFO were unacceptable. Story time: I was so clueless when I got out of rehab that the first time I went shopping w my daughter, I found the BEST shoes – bronze suede, open toes with 4-inch heels. Very expensive. I wanted to buy them no matter what, thinking I’d eventually recover enough to wear them. My daughter didn’t even attempt to dissuade me, which probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. I eventually decided to buy her expensive jeans instead… I have always lived vicariously through her, even now

  3. Okay – you asked for it. I’ve been thinking a lot about angel food cake this morning. Now that I’ve finally mastered lemon I’m going to work on chocolate. Lemon angel food cake is completely non-dairy so you can eat it. Not so sure about the chocolate though as the frosting is a classic ganache which means butter and cream. I will have to change that for you. Is this comment random enough? If not, a friend of mine asked me if I knew why we pee more when it’s cold. I didn’t know but I did look it up. We sweat less in the cold which our bodies interpret as more fluid and higher blood pressure. Hence the drive to pee to maintain fluid balance and lower blood pressure. Prime sirloin is on sale at Steak for us this week! Sorry about your gray hair. Singletons are a pain, but when it really gets going it can be a good look.

    • HAHAHAHAHA!! We pee more when it’s cold??? Duncan Hines frosting is dairy-free! But yeah I would have to stay away from the ganache frosting.

      • Yes, we actually do pee more when it is cold. I think I might be able to make a chocolate espresso glaze without butter or cream. You’re okay with eggs, right?

      • And when you go winter camping and feel the urge to pee you have to go outside and do it because holding it in makes you get cold faster. I’m assuming because its more liquid to keep warm.
        I know about this because of the winter camping trip in northern Minnesota when at 3am I bundled up to do my duty and when I got outside and checked the zip-o-guage little thermometer it was below the -20F lines, probably about -30F. Checking at the local lodge that morning they said it got down to -40F.

        • 40 BELOW?!!? So evidently you were crazy BEFORE having a stroke, not just after.

          • So you must have missed my writing about on my first airplane ride jumping out via skydiving.

            • Adventurous people skydive. Crazy people camp in 40-degree-below weather. Now, if it was 40 degrees below when you went skydiving, you’ve crossed over from adventurous to crazy.

              • Skydiving in 40 below weather would be beyond crazy. We would need to invent another word for that. Barb you’re good at making up new words.

                • all that comes to mind is “deanish.” We’ll start using it in California,(Brooke and Scott, you on board?) then it’ll slowly move east.

                  we’ll have to post something on FB that shows Dean doing things “beyond crazy”; it’ll go viral, and Dean’s name will be a household word, which is what we want anyway, right?

                  • Thing is, does having the stroke make us more willing to take on ‘beyond crazy’ activities, as we’ve seen how fragile life is, skirted with death and become less scared in the process? Thats how I feel anyway.

                    • For me, it’s the opposite: I’ve seen how fragile a brain is , and would prefer no additional damage; in fact, Tom sits on my shoulder telling me to not take risks because if I become any less capable he’s going to have to kill me, or at least keep me on a leash to prevent further dependence.

              • When someone is rude enough to ask me what happened to me I tell them I had a skydiving accident. Love it – “deanish”. I was totally “deanish” in college. But I’ve always hated camping. Why sleep on the ground and freeze your butt off when you can sleep on a down topper in a 4-star hotel with room service?

                • I was never deanish. I need to be more deanish. Although I really can’t be deanish anymore. Deanish for me now would be going on a merry-go-round.

                  • Now that the adjective “deanish” has been approved, I’m thinking that “dean” should be a verb. definition: to behave in an absurding insane and dangerous manner, i.e., to be deanish. No, Dean, you don’t get a vote. Or a veto.

                  • A story, which is the origin of what came to be called Dean and Carl trips. We used to travel to Wisconsin to tandem canoe rivers in early spring. Carls’ girlfriend dropped us off one Friday night at a bridge over the North Fork of the Flambeau River. She would pick us up 40 miles downstream late Sunday. It was the very end of March, next morning newly formed ice was floating down the river. We successfully ran numerous rapids including one where there was still ice covering the whole river at the bottom. No problem, we just ran the canoe up on the ice and did the one foot in the canoe the other pushing it along until we would fully jump into the canoe as it entered the water. At the end of the day we came to Cornsheller rapids where we were going to camp. It was so much fun running it we carried back up and ran it again. This time we hit the sidecurling wave and filled the canoe with 6 inches of freezing water. Luckily we made it to shore with all that unstable water sloshing around. We hung our wet gear on lines hoping for freeze drying. We woke up the next morning to 6 inches of snow on the ground and still snowing hard enough we couldn’t see across the river. Luckily we found most of the gear buried under the snow. We had 24 miles of paddling to do to get to the takeout, after a couple of close calls we got to the next bridge where we walked ahead to check out the worst rapids of the trip. We decided that trying to run them would be death and portaging them only broken legs. The decision was made to call Kathy and have her pick us up at this bridge. We walked the other direction down the road to find a house and entered the first driveway – Flambeau Forestry Prison Camp. The guards were amazed to see us out in this weather. We got hold of Kathy but she was snowed in in northern Wis. and wouldn’t be able to get to us until Mon. morning. In total it snowed 15 inches. On Monday morning, April 1, Kathy picked us up and since I had to call into work to tell them I wouldn’t be coming in, we stopped at the nearest bar. No one at work seemed to question what should have seemed to be an April Fools joke.

    • Julia, how do you get the batter into the pan? I usually use a big plastic ladle, but that’s just another surface to claim batter. a rubber spatula can scrape the bowl, but then there’s still a blob of batter in the bowl.

      • Silicone spoon-tula (check out Williams Sonoma for these) and a lot of help from my husband. I can’t bake on my own. He separates the eggs but he hasn’t graduated to folding the dry ingredients into the beaten egg whites yet. Leftover yolks get turned into ice cream (sorry Amy).

        • My older sister works for W-S, so I’ll ask her for one.

          Not to brag, but I can separate eggs myself, and I think guys are too goal-oriented to fold properly. To them, mixing is mixing.

          • What in the world is folding an egg?

            • Bake much?

              Seriously, folding is manually blending together with a gentle sweeping motion so that the folded portion (sometimes dry ingredients into wet, but often whipped egg whites into a wet batter) is interspersed throughout, but not evenly mixed.

              • Folding is usually done when mixing beaten egg whites or whipped cream into the rest of the ingredients. You want the air to stay in the egg whites or cream or else your cake or souffle or whatever will end up flat and gloopy (a technical term) instead of poufy and delightful. I baked in a professional kitchen right after college, one of my many weird jobs. I still love baking and miss it terribly. Right before my stroke I had just bought a complete set of marvelous and ridiculously expensive French cookie cutters but never got a chance to use them. They sit in the same drawer with as my pastry bags and tips. That drawer makes me cry.

        • Julia, I just checked it out online and it turns out I have a couple – but I don’t find that they scoop up enough volume, just scrape the bowl. Is there some technique you use to get the scraped-down batter from the bowl to the pan?

    • wait, wait, wait, re the pee thing … In my life I blame it on the enormous amounts of hot tea and coffee I drink in the winter. I like them iced in the summer, but don’t drink anything close to my winter consumption. Plus I don’t wake up dying to pee in the winter like I do in the summer. Or is that related to the temperature of my bedroom, and how I don’t want to get out of my bed? Just musing.

  4. the pee thing … Before Google, we would have had to live without knowing that. How did we do it?

  5. Another gray hair? Not that important in the scheme of things, is it? 🙂

  6. About the gray hair- the more you count the more you’ll have.
    Folding beaten egg whites and the dry components of the recipe is gently bringing the egg whites on top of dry ingredients until they are fully incorporated without deflating the egg whites rather than a stirring motion.
    Peeing in winter- Since my fluid intake in the summer is consistent by volume in the winter, there’s no difference in me. Plus the daily dose of Lasix always makes me…gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee right now.

    • In PT school in our unit on women’s health issues i.e. incontinence and pelvic pain they told us to have patients keep a “voiding diary.” Lasix would make for a hell of a voiding diary!

      • But isn’t that what you are doing right now? Avoiding dairy. Wheres your diary on it and who do you have to show it to?

      • Yep I was given one of them and told to watch the clock since I lost the sensation of a full bladder unless I shift positions. I use salty foods at bedtime to counteract the BP and heart ratedrop with my Zanaflex and Lasix in the morning to get rids of all those fluids. So after the Lasix I regulate my clock to every 20 minutes for the first hour and 30 minutes for the second hour and so on.

  7. Happy, Amy? Starting with a gray hair, you got peeing in winter, hair color and baking, interspersed with disparaging Dean. Could you have gotten any more than that, even in your wildest lucid dream?

  8. Are hangnails next? Please moar, moar.

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