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Kaiser Permanente Receives Honor for Outstanding Heart Attack, Stroke Care

The Right Care initiative in California needs to revamp its definition of what is considered good stroke care. If you want to prevent disability from stroke you need to stop the neuronal cascade of death. Does no one have 2 brain cells to rub together? Launched in 2008, the Right Care Initiative is a public-private collaborative effort focused on preventing premature disability and death from heart attacks, strokes and diabetic complications.
Mark Camps

SOURCE Kaiser Permanente




Feeling grateful for you today – Jim Baranski, National Stroke Association

His email today and my response.
Dear Dean,
Stroke Help Line logo
StrokeSmart magazines
As we begin to look back at 2013, I am proud of what National Stroke Association has accomplished this year—our growing programs that support the stroke community, the launch of the Stroke Help Line and the expansion of StrokeSmart® through It is because of the increasing partnership of the stroke community that we are able to continue to our work.
And I am so grateful for your support.
I am giving thanks this year to you. When you became a part of National Stroke Association’s community, you showed me that our presence is valuable. When you attended a program, read our materials or signed up for StrokeSmart® magazine, I felt that our work was paying off. When you answered surveys to help us serve you better, I was ready to make changes to meet your needs. And when you asked what you could do to help us do more, I knew we had a real community.
Thank you.
You drive National Stroke Association to continue to find new and innovative ways to support the stroke community. Thank you so much for standing with us over our 29-year history. We’ve been able to start new projects and raise stroke awareness in more compelling ways. For example, our Support Group and Community Outreach programming has distributed over 400 Programs-in-a-box to supports groups across the country. We know this program is an opportunity to make a significant impact and meet a real need to stroke survivors, caregivers and family members.
You have helped us reach out to even more people in exciting new ways that weren’t possible when our organization began almost three decades ago.
Thank you for standing with us over the years—you help make all of our work possible.
With thanks,
signed by Jim Baranski

Jim Baranski Chief Executive Officer

Dear Jim,
When I look over 2013 I see a vast untapped font of knowledge in stroke survivors that you are not contacting. The stroke bloggers out there, Amy, Barb, Dean,Dr. Ellen,Grace, Jo, Joyce, Rebecca, Scott, Nina, Linda, Marcelle, Kate, Jim, know what needs to be done and your organization is not addressing any of it. With 10% full recovery and only 12% efficacy of tPA there are major opportunities that need addressing. Do you want to be known as the organization that solved the stroke problem? Then convene us knowledgeable survivors with your best people to create  5, 10, 15 and 25 year strategic plans.
Stroke Tribe Dean

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