A search term today was “are headaches bad after a stroke?”  Are headaches ever good?  I had a hell of a battle with headaches after my stroke.  They were unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  They would last for several days and make me throw up.  But I lucked out and won no other physical pain from the stroke other than the headaches.  I’ve had migraines all of my life and the pain is BAD.  The pain is so bad I used to think “something must be wrong up there.”  Ummmmmm.  Although my stroke was caused by a blood clot that formed somewhere else in the body – no one knows where.  So maybe nothing was wrong “up there.”  Maybe something was, no one f’ing knows.  Anyway, these terrible headaches that I got after the stroke never amounted to more than – just a migraine.  I was terrified after the stroke and everyone around me was terrified so I went to the ER a lot.  I had LOTS of CT scans to make sure these headaches weren’t anything more serious – like another stroke.  They never were.  What has helped my headaches the most is drinking Kangen water and eliminating dairy.  (Research on Kangen water here)  This is my experience.  If you’re getting a lot of headaches – have your head checked out.  There might be something wrong up there.

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  1. Also get your neck checked out, but not by a chiropractor. The left side of my neck ached for months before my artery dissection and stroke. One doc told me afterward that it had to be muscular as arteries do not have feeling. Seriously, that’s what he told me.

  2. But of course something is wrong up there, that’s why I asked a doctor if my dead area was going to rot. I forgot to ask if I should use maggots or carrion beetles to clean it out.

  3. Actually, the process whereby the area of the brain that has died turns to liquid, and processes in nature that result in rotting seem similar, except for the involvement of bacteria and fungi.

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