Happy busiest going out night of the year everyone!  I hope later tonight you’re going out and partying it up just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve come to HATE the word ‘function.’  I started to read the manual of the continuing education course I ordered about stroke recovery and this is the very first line of the book……..”Optimal functional recovery is the ultimate aim of neurorehabilitation after acute brain lesion.”

😦  Except for my writing, I am WAY beyond optimally functional in every aspect.  Am I even close to satisfied with where my recovery is at?  HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you read this and you work for a company that makes continuing education courses for physical therapists, please hire me to write a course about stroke recovery, please.


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  1. As before said I think you should write a book. It should be very personally focused, and aimed at cerebellar stroke victims like ourselves, the symptoms and consequences of which are radically different from those associated with cerebral strokes. Yes, cerebellar strokes are only about 3% of all strokes but you’d have the market more or less to yourself.

  2. Cerebellar stroke survivors are elitist.

  3. I wish my therapists told me about the difference between recovery and compensation. I probably wouldn’t have been cognitive enough at that time to demand recovery and screw compensation. At that time I still thought medical world knew something. Boy was I wrong.

  4. Since when have you become a party girl?

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