I got a mammogram this morning. My mom had breast cancer when she was 32 so my gynecologists all make me go get mammograms. The lady giving me my mammogram said “I’m impressed that you’re starting to get these early like you should since you have a family history.” I said to the lady “I’m quite used to doing things that usually only people a few years older than me get to do.” She had no idea what that meant.

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  1. Ah, the dreaded mammogram. I started as early as my mid-twenties. No family history of breast cancer. Mine are fibrocystic. I’m sure everyone wanted to know that, lol.

    Good for you, Amy, for being proactive!!!

  2. We want you around for many more years so thank you for being proactive. Its selfish on our part but I don’t give a damn.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s breast cancer and the possible increased risk for yourself. Have you considered/done the blood test which screens for your genetic potential for breast CA? The blood test is supposedly an earlier detection for high risk women, and a negative genetic test result can help to alleviate fears associated with the possibility of developing CA.

    • No, and no one’s ever mentioned that to me, hmm. I wonder why no has ever mentioned that, thank you.

      • Hmmm…typical…doctors not telling you all the information. While the test is not perfect, nothing ever is….it can indicate if you’re carrying the gene responsible for some types of breast CA. I don’t know the details, not sure if it’s best to test your mom first and then look for yourself….but if my family history involved breast CA I would definitely investigate.

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